February 16 and All is Well

How is it already the middle of February? We are still wrapping our minds around the fact that we consider a cold day when the temperature is about 50 and the wind is blowing. Today it was about 80, but the temperature is dropping fast and will be in the 40s tonight. EEK! We gleefully sorrowfully follow the news of epic snows in the Northeast, and even Ohio and Tennessee. Even parts of Texas are under the weather, so to speak. In Dallas, which is about  500 miles north of us, it was in the 40s today. So you can see that it’s easy to get spoiled.

So February 16. My brother, Duncan, would have been 60 years old today. He died when he was 38 on the day before Mother’s Day. February 16 is also the day my mom died in 2012. As my sister Cherie said, “Dunc came down and scooped her up in his strong arms.”

It also looks like February 16 may be the birthday of Jim’s niece’s baby. We got a text that she was in labor earlier today. Edited to add: Ransom Andrew Smith born at 5:04 PM. May the circle be unbroken.

We have been so fortunate here; people are always stopping by and asking if we need a ride to the store or anything picked up. Today we had two offers, both of which we accepted. Whenever we ride into town on our bikes, somebody from the park always sees us and reiterates their invitation for a ride or loan of their car. One lady told me that she saw us in town on the bikes and told her husband that they should stop and take us wherever we wanted to go. I told her that was not necessary but much appreciated. In fact, the last time we biked in for groceries, we bought more than we ever had. We had to bungee some stuff on; usually it all fits in the saddlebags. So a ride is nice from time to time and we are grateful.

Today I swam laps and relaxed at the pool (!) and read. Jim played water volleyball. We picked up a couple of free patio chairs for our site. The kitties had a long outing. Tonight we are celebrating Valentine’s Day with steak, mashed potatoes and broccoli. We saw a well produced local play last night. Tomorrow there is a Super Happy Hour, body painting and Mardi Gras parade in the park.

Life is good. Happy February 16.

2 comments on “February 16 and All is Well

  1. Hey Wendy, very good blog, you are a good writer always enjoy reading yours and Jims experiences…….and don’t hesitate to borrow our car ( we have 2, LOL) or get a ride ! Toby says he will watch Carmela and the other cats for you! Tony

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