Counting Down the Grapefruit

I eat a grapefruit every morning; have for many years now. Buying them in the grocery store in Kansas was an expensive, wildly unpredictable and often disappointing experience. More often than not, the skins were thick, the fruit was dry and there was hardly any juice in some of them. Why did I keep eating them? Often enough I got a good one and what was the alternative? I mean, I couldn’t go to Florida every morning. When we were in Naples a couple of winters ago our friend Jon had them fresh from the tree too. So fresh the juice runs down your chin.

IMG_7108  IMG_7107

Since we have been in the Rio Grande Valley, I am in grapefruit heaven! The park is loaded with trees and we have had a steady supply of grapefruit and oranges. We juice the oranges and some of the grapefruit. These babies may not look supermarket perfect on the outside but they are fabulous and juicy and delicious. I have a favorite tree and can easily borrow a fruit picker for the higher ups. As the season goes on, the low hanging fruit goes first.

We heard the other evening that they were having a Bowling with Grapefruit Happy Hour and I thought “Oh no!” All those lovely grapefruit! So we went and collected as many or more as we will eat while we are still here. It turned out that they juiced a lot of the grapefruit and we ended up with plenty of grapefruit and about a gallon of juice too! It’s going to be hard going back to buying them in the store.


This is about how many days we have left before we head out and this picture was taken a few days ago! We are heading west from here but don’t have any firm plans yet. We know we are going into the Hill Country to meet up with cousins who are Rvers, then to visit Marni’s sister near Austin. From there we may make our way to Big Bend National Park and set out on the western Mexican border trail. We have friends in Arizona, California and Colorado that we want to see and we hear the bike trails in Colorado Springs are great. A friend here told me you can ride for days.

We want to get some miles under our belts! Rails-to-Trails bike paths don’t seem to be real prevalent in Texas; several are like two miles long! So more research is coming on that. If you know of any places or bike trails that we should check out, let us know.

Stops on the list so far on the list in Texas are Lockhart for BBQ and cousin meet-up, maybe Seguin, Luling and a couple other towns. New Braunfels is nice and the Guadalupe River is beautiful. We may not make it out of Texas!

We are doing some prep-for-the-road type stuff this week. It has been raining so we figured this is a good time.We rented a car so we can go get our teeth cleaned in Mexico ($30), excellent references.  I have a huge large laundry load including rugs, blankets, quilt, comforter plus all the usual stuff. Jim wants to go to a couple of music stores. And I want a martini!

We want to get those chores done before the Olympics start here in the park next week! Too bad they don’t have yoga in the Olympics…This picture is from a few years ago in Mexico but I just did this pose again the other day. Extended pavrita bakasana.

Cell memory is a beautiful thing. Just like a good grapefruit.





3 comments on “Counting Down the Grapefruit

  1. Wendy I have been with you on this awesome journey and (Thank You) for let me be apart of so many wonderful experiences.

  2. 31 days, right. Still can count Nice talking to you. You are right the fruit in Mo very high. All groceries in Mo. very high. Highway robbery. Right now eating both grapefruits and oranges, Love it dropping weight and very happy about that. Walked all winter. Great looking picture. Looking fantastic. Love to both, Can’t wait to get pool open.

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