Meet the Fussnecker

I had been meaning to write a post about the vacuum cleaner we bought back when we were visiting Ed and Cindy in Dayton, Ohio and riding the trails there. Because we were so thrilled with it.

One day, when Ed had graciously loaned us his truck, we just happened to pass an old style vacuum cleaner store. It was called Fussnecker’s. We decided to go in and see if we could find an upgrade for our reliable old Royal hand vacuum.

This little guy is about 60 years old, as near as I can calculate. It was my mom’s and was always on the shelf of the broom closet when we were kids. We used it for steps and cleanup. It was always there. When we broke up my mom’s house I brought it home and we moved it into the bus for daily use.

It works great but doesn’t have a wand attachment to get the corners and all the nooks and crannies in the bus. So we went to Fussnecker’s since we were right there.

We ended up buying this model hand vac with a wand attachment. We called it The Fussnecker after the store, which Ed and Cindy told us had been there forever.

All set. With three cats, we Fussneck every day around here. It only takes a few minutes to do both strips of rugs under the chairs, the cat waves and the few throw rugs we have in the kitchen and bath. Sometimes we vacuum the cat beds and the quilt and comforter.
Housekeeping in the bus is a plus; you can deep clean the whole thing, including windows, in about a half hour.

We bought The Fussnecker in August. Used it every day. Cleaned out the filter after every use; and once a week or so, Jim would take it out and blow it out with the compressor. That made it have good “suck.” Come February, it wasn’t performing nearly as well. He ended up taking it apart and replacing a bunch of parts; belt, filter but it was making this funny noise and didn’t have as much “suck” as it used to. This is only about six months into a new vacuum. At least it was still under warranty.

So Jim called the place in Ohio and they told him that unit wasn’t even manufactured by Fuller Brush.
WUT? Fussnecker’s basically washed their hands of it. Besides they are in Ohio and we are in way south Texas. Hmmm…

We rented a car last week so we could get some stuff done before we take off from here in a few weeks. We went to Mexico to get our teeth cleaned. You can’t believe how many dentists are in Mexico. Separate post coming on that. I had a good experience with a dentist in Mexico about 35 years ago and we had good referrals. It went fine.

I washed all the rugs, the quilts, comforter, blanket, towels and sheets. I also washed Jim’s phone that he left in his jeans pocket. OOPS! Miraculously it got dried out thanks to our neighbor’s borrowed hairdryer and it works fine again. Thanks Suzanne!

We grocery shopped, of course, and stocked up on the heavy stuff like liquor, coffee, pop, beans. Things that are heavier/harder to carry on the bikes.

While we had the car Jim spied a vacuum repair shop and took The Fussnecker in to see what could be done. I wish I had taken a picture of this place because it was stuffed, I mean jam-crammed full of every type of vacuum you can imagine. I have never seen so many! It was a funky little place but the guy honored the warranty and he traded our old Fussnecker out for a re-manufactured one. Totally free.

When we asked about buying a spare belt for the Royal, the his eyes got real big and he said, “That’s an old one!” Jim said, “That’s right, but you know what? It still works great! After 50+ years.” The new one didn’t even last a year!

So we spent like $3.00 and have two vacuums again. It’s nice to have a spare.




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  1. Try a a Miele Canister. We own a cleaning business and use one everyday to clean 50 common entry halls in a large apartment community. It’s lasted nearly years.

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