Open Letter to Dos Okies

Our good friends Janelle and Bill came down for a lovely long weekend in February. The weather cooperated, the pool was warm, the sun shone, the palm trees swayed and our musical happy hour was a lot of fun. We talked non-stop, ate and drank (of course) and enjoyed catching up and making future plans.

We became friends in Mexico several years ago and have kept in touch. We haven’t been back to Mexico since we got the bus so our visits have been stateside lately.They have a great little serviceable teardrop trailer, a T@b, and they drove down from Oklahoma and camped near us.

It was nice and warm while they were here and we got to see several examples of their latest tie dye art. This pareo, in particular, was amazing in that it was so perfectly tied and so symmetrical. We have known them long enough that we recognize their individual styles. And this is just a half pareo, for just wrapping around your waist.


This is their bed cover in the T@b.

And this is them with their cool shade awning for their trailer.

A few details from Bill’s masterpiece, above.
IMG_7090  IMG_7091
While they were here, we were drooling over the new designs that they had produced.

Once when we lived in Kansas, we drove down to Oklahoma for a weekend of tie-dying on their lovely sun porch. I still wear a dress I did that weekend and I kept my Aunt Muriel’s linen tablecloth with matching napkins. I also wore a shirt to Mexico that we did that weekend.

When we moved into the bus, we collected a big bag of white cotton or linen items to transfer to them for future art. In our brain-dead exhaustion and preparation, we winnowed that down and shipped it off. Included was a pair of very durable white cotton Army snow camouflage pants that are at least 35 years old. An old boyfriend and I found a bale, literally, in a dumpster near his house. There were about 40 pairs of sturdy, heavy-duty, white cotton Army snow camouflage pants with tie closures at the waist and both ankles. Some were so damaged we tossed them, but I sold many others and kept several pairs I still have today. They are the original one-size fits none. They are a story in themselves.

We had a hint it was coming and received a box a few weeks later containing two most excellent full pareos. And the missing pants!

My pareo, although we plan to share them…

Does this look like a Buddha figure or what?

IMG_7160 IMG_7161

Jim’s pareo…
IMG_7162 IMG_7163 IMG_7164

And my pants! Does this tie-dye make my butt look big? Ha! Don’t answer that.IMG_7167  IMG_7166

I sewed this Izod alligator on them like 35 years ago. Everybody was wearing those shirts and they drove me crazy. So I made my pants Izod pants. He’s still there. IMG_7172  IMG_7174
Anyway, we are delighted with our new additions. The pareos are a very comfortable lightweight seersucker fabric and they were made with love by true friends. There aren’t enough exclamation points in the universe to describe how thrilled we are.

How lucky are we? Many thanks, Okies. We love you guys.

7 comments on “Open Letter to Dos Okies

  1. remember that fashion too, Spring like weather in texas very nice on our way through too New mexico, Very nice there too. Spring break for Danny and I . . hgIS BIRTHDAY . and vacation. take care

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