Carmella Meets Toby

The cats have been going outside since we’ve been here. Carmella is by far the most adventurous and when the wind dies down, we take her on “walks.” Which means she gets harnessed up, after squeak begging to go out, and her string/leash attached. She usually just runs under the stored vehicle nearby but we have ventured into the park, about a three acre dog (and cat) park.

Once in a while we actually do walk and it is quite a sight to see the cat walking down the street on a leash. She climbs a few nearby trees and we have learned to unhook the string before she heads up the tree. Jim has gotten the ladder out several times to unravel the string and branches. If she gets freaked by something, she heads for the bus. We just drop her string and she zooms in. It’s nice to see her run again; they used to streak across our acre+ yard when we whistled for them. The whistle has also come in handy in the bus.

Carmella has never been around dogs. There are some very good, gentle dogs here in the park and they all are very well behaved. The dog park is always a good chance to catch up on the dogs and their people. We have a great view of the whole park from the bus.

It’s fun to watch the dogs get that little extra swagger in their step when they know the cat is out. She has met Stella, a wonderfully gentle, very large dog with perfect cat manners. A couple others have gotten close too, but we have evidence with Toby.

Our neighbor Tony has a 12 year old Scottie and they pass by frequently. Toby, the dog, is an older gentleman but when he sees Carmella out, or another dog approaching, he gets a spring in his step which is delightful to behold. He and Carmella have gotten pretty close before but the other evening the perfect storm ensued and they touched noses.

The approach. Tony is keeping a close leash on Toby and Carmella is being good, just talking to him.
The moment of truth!
Carmella says, “I can’t believe I did that either!


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