Theresa’s New Lease on Seats

There are so many talented people here in the park where we have spent the winter, musicians, artists, quilters, potters, seamstresses, textile artists, massage therapists, painters, singers and performers. And more. I have already mentioned how very friendly and welcoming everybody is.

While talking to one particular lady I discovered that she had just gotten a new sewing machine that can do practically anything. She used to have her own upholstery shop and after we chatted a while, she agreed to practice a little by making new canvas seat covers for our little camp chairs. We got these many years ago for motorcycle camping before we were even married. They have served us well, come apart easily and have their own storage bags for frame and cushions. They had been holding up just fine but one of them finally gave up the ghost and split in the place where we had repaired it with duct tape many years ago.

Here is the BEFORE picture. The canvas used to be as red as the chairs.

Theresa and I went shopping and I couldn’t decide between the blue and purple canvas so we decided to make two covers for each chair. The others lasted over 25 years but why not? Theresa said they will last another 25 years.

It turned out that the canvas itself wasn’t that hard to sew through, but the corners and overlaps proved tougher to navigate. She persevered and even made two new canvas carrying bags for us. The seats and backs are super tight and comfy now and we don’t have to worry about them tearing like we did before. They are ideal for happy hours since you can sit in front of people when it’s crowded and not block the view. They are also good for Jim playing the ukulele too since they don’t have arms.

Yes, they are low to the ground but they are not at all difficult to get up out of. Keeps us flexible as an added benefit.


She is also seaming up the armrest covers for the driver and passenger seats. As we have found with others here who have helped us, she wouldn’t take any money even though I planned to pay her, so Jim washed the roof of their house for them in exchange. We believe in paying back and forward.

Many thanks to Theresa. She is a sweetheart; it has been a pleasure getting to know her better. She is also a formidable water volleyball player and has beautiful soft, curly hair and a ready smile.

We love our new chairs! And our new friends even more!

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