Catherine’s Art in the Park

The parade of talented people continues. I needed to touch up some spots on the bus that had gotten dinged by rocks or scraped by branches. Just to knock down the white spots and make your eye pass over. In the old days, I had all the paint and brushes I needed but those all got stored, given away or sold in the purge of our stuff.

There are several artists in the park so I set out to find some acrylic paint to touch up the white spots. I headed to Catherine’s first. One day she had come over to get one of our bus cards as she was painting a dragon and needed a visual reference. She works mostly in watercolor, ink and acrylic mixed media and her work is delicately colored, wispy yet strong, well composed and very engaging. She has a good eye for eyes. If you have ever tried drawing the human or animal eye and making it believable and alive-looking, you know it is a special skill. She’s got it!

Jim saw the finished dragon painting before I did and told me, “You have got to see it!” So I biked on over for a look and to borrow supplies for my touch-up project. She has a lovely little studio shed where she paints and she showed me several of her works. Here is the finished dragon.
You can see some resemblance to our bus dragon!
Then we went on to look at some of her other work and I took a few pics. Some of the pieces were framed with glass which always makes for interesting photography but these are all good representations of her style.

She and Bob ride and have horses and her love and understanding of them really shows up in this piece.

This painting is exceptional. It reminds me of yoga’s Warrior pose, wood nymphs and fairies cavorting through an imaginary landscape.

Some early work:
See what I mean about the eyes?

When I finished taking pics, they invited me to join them for a glass of wine, which I happily accepted. We sat and talked a goodwhile and it was lovely to get to know them both a little better. Happy Hours are great but one-on-one interaction is always the best!

A few days later, Jim broke the bridge of his baritone ukulele. Good thing he already had ordered a new one. He was going to trash the old one but I thought it might be a good art project for you-know-who. She picked it up today and I can’t wait to see what she eventually makes out of it.


Thanks so much, Catherine and Bob for your hospitality and a lovely afternoon.

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