Wade in the Water…

We had a lovely dinner with friends here in the park last night. As we headed back to the bus, it started to rain. Once we got back, it poured down rain! Almost four inches. Normally, the park across from our spot is a lovely green field, with trees, flowers and birds. Today it is a lake. DSC_1673 IMG_7203
Here comes the Fed Ex guy. He didn’t even get out of his truck to drop off the stuff we ordered.IMG_7204 IMG_7208  IMG_7206
Claudia is up to her ankles! She has very serviceable boots for the occasion. The water is about three inches deep at the step of the bus.

And, of course, we washed the windows and the wheel covers yesterday in anticipation of leaving. Now we have to wait till we can see the road at least. Get a tire off the road and we are toast.

IMG_7125 IMG_7126
These guys got off the hardpacked caliche a couple of weeks ago and buried their rear axle. The second tow truck got it out; but this was before the big rain even. We will be slow and steady when we pull out tomorrow. We will probably recruit some folks to line the road for us so we don’t get off into the grass. What a mess that would be.

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