Roswell, NM: Saving Us From Starving: Part II

After we left Clovis, the weather really did start to settle down. We drove through some rain but didn’t encounter any hail, tornadoes or super high winds. We planned to stay for a few days in Bottomless Lakes State Park near Roswell and headed that way.

As we headed through Roswell on the way to the park, we were starving. We normally don’t get a real early start and by lunchtime we are ready to eat. As we’ve said before, we don’t do fast food or the chains so we were looking for some grub!


We found a local place, The Cowboy Cafe, with room in the parking lot for the bus (an important factor!) and Jim went in to see if they were open. While he was checking it out, I saw that the sign said the Cowboy Cafe was open from 6:00 AM till 2:00 PM. It was way past 2:00 PM. Oh well.

We have food in the bus, of course, and could have easily made ourselves a sandwich or some tuna, the usual. But we like to experience the local color and flavors, so we stopped.

The owner, Madux, was there and he was cooking for a catering gig that evening. He said he would make us a lunch! YAY! He said it would take about 20 minutes so we harnessed up the cats and took them out in the parking lot. They are getting really good about going out whenever and wherever. Except Astrid. Of course.

Madux also said that we could camp out in the parking lot when we returned to Roswell to ride the trails. Double win!

After just a few minutes, Madux emerged with boxes of food for us. He had brisket sandwiches, macaroni salad, cole slaw and peach cobbler for dessert! Wow! Of course we tried to pay him but he absolutely refused. He insisted that he would make money elsewhere and we were his guests! Yikes! Thank You!

I got a couple of pics, but we were starving so we hustled into the bus and devoured our meal. And it was super delicious. The brisket was tender, the salads were just right and the cobbler was a special treat. We told him we would be back to eat at the cafe. They serve biscuits and gravy for breakfast, always a big draw for me.

Our three days at Bottomless Lakes worked out well. We had a good campsite and the kitties had lots of outdoor time. It was quiet and we rode our bikes all throughout the park, checking out the lakes. They are actually cenotés, which we are familiar with from Mexico, sinkholes that sometimes connect underwater with each other.

DSC_2589_tonemapped DSC_2588_tonemapped  DSC_2581_tonemapped

After we were done there, we moved back to Roswell, where we discovered an Elks Lodge right near the bike trails, so we planned to head there. On the way back into town, we stopped at The Cowboy Cafe for lunch.

Jim had a Spittin’ Burger, a hot jalapeno cheese, bacon and salsa treat. I had a patty melt. They were both really good. No dinner required that night! And they have really cool paintings in the Water Closet.

IMG_7426a IMG_7423

IMG_7425   IMG_7422

Their Handicapped Parking spot:


Madux was there and brought us out a dessert of vanilla pudding, whipped cream and vanilla wafers. We decided to pay it forward and when we checked out we gave him $$ to pay for somebody else’s lunch. It only seemed right since he had treated us earlier.

Once we got to Roswell and hit the trails, we discovered that the town is really very bikeable. Is that a word? They have alleys and the bike paths and streets are all very easy to navigate. We visited the UFO Museum, of course and happened on a local car show.


DSC_2644 - Copy

Two Oldsmobiles, no Falcons. Hardly any Fords. Some rat rods, others, slammed and shaved and customized and scrolled like you might expect in Low Rider country.

DSC_2713 DSC_2705
We spent a couple days riding the trails and also visited the Roswell Museum and Art Center. That museum is really fine; lots of great paintings along with a thorough and chronological reminder of what the white men did to the Indians when we came here. And a replication of Robert Goddard’s space rocket workshop.

That  was right after we had happened onto the zoo.

I hate zoos. I consider them prisons for animals who did nothing wrong but got caught anyway. The first exhibit was a pair of bald eagles enclosed in a cage where they dare not fly or try any aerial maneuvers. Hawks, barn owls, falcons; same condition. So sad. Then we saw some peacocks who apparently had free rein of the zoo, they hopped out of their enclosures and flew around and squawked at will. You definitely want to be a peacock at this zoo. There were lemurs who were super cute and also super smart. When we talked to them, they came over and listened and it was obvious they knew you were communicating. Why do humans give other animals so little credit for intelligence? Are they afraid it will detract from their own? I am reading Margaret Atwood’s Year of the Flood now so these questions loom.

We are parked at the Elk’s Lodge #969. We attended the benefit dinner last might and we are still full!

If you are ever in Roswell, be sure and eat at The Cowboy Cafe. You won’t be disappointed.

More pics on Flickr.

2 comments on “Roswell, NM: Saving Us From Starving: Part II

  1. If you are still in Roswell? Be sure and go to the Anderson Museum of Contemporary Art! You will not be disappointed! My husband found your card on the bike trail in Cahoon Park this morning. Great adventure, have fun!

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