Lake Caballo State Park

Just north of Hatch, only about 25 miles is Lake Caballo State Park. We have been totally winging it so far, making no reservations and always finding a spot (often free). State Parks are a great bet especially if you avoid the weekends when they are more populated.

We are planning a week-or-so stay soon, probably in Tucson. Our leisurely pace seems to be working out fine.

I am enjoying getting back into photography big-time. Lots of new subject matter at hand.

Lake Caballo State Park was  a great place to play around.
DSC_2967_tonemapped  DSC_2940DSC_2938 DSC_2939DSC_2923_tonemappedcaballo-1 caballo-4  DSC_2916_tonemapped DSC_2921
We think we are heading for the Gila National Forest. Glad we are sticking to the southern route. North of us is more rain and snow.

Outside the bus this evening.


4 comments on “Lake Caballo State Park

  1. Nice pictures, Glad some one in family still takes them. Nice picture of you on Sands etc.Glad everything is going greattheir , Herer the same too much rain here to set up pool yet,,pooey,,,,,, but will be ready ,, Really enjoying life and glad I can still walk and get out and do things..,ya ya,,, love too both , Cherie

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