Give Peace a Chance

From Lake Caballo, we headed west toward Douglas and Bisbee, Arizona. Several of the highways we traveled on, mostly two lane through beautiful country were named all warlike, or should I say commemorative? Pearl Harbor Memorial Highway. Bataan Death March Memorial Highway. Really? I have never encountered a Peace Named Highway that I can recall. I will keep looking.

The first night out we checked out and found a really good New Mexico rest stop campground. Mile marker 61. No hookups, but a nice level site between the highway and train tracks. Just far away enough from each. Perfect! I love the graffiti on the trains and the “freight” is mostly all shipping containers these days. We saw one whole long train of specialized Army equipment, Mid East style.

We went over the border (and ate) at Douglas/Agua Prieta but the Farmacias were few and far between. Over and back, no problem. No margaritas this time. On to Bisbee.
View from the bus. Mining is hard on the mountains.

Bisbee is a Eureka-Springs-like town built into the sides of mountains mined heavily for copper and gold. Once we got the bus up the hill after circumventing a growing sinkhole and navigating a very sharp left turn and grade, we had great views of the surrounding area and started exploring the town. We ate at Ana’s Seasonal Kitchen and it was exceptional. I had a fresh and tasty salad and Jim had a delicious roast beef sandwich.
Carmella made a friend (?) at the campground, Buddy. Tikita met him too. Astrid didn’t make it outside.

DSC_3013_tonemapped DSC_2993_tonemapped DSC_2990
  DSC_2995 DSC_2991 DSC_2997 DSC_2998_tonemapped DSC_3001_tonemapped DSC_3002_tonemapped DSC_2982
The flower stalk on this agave?/mezcal? plant was 20 feet tall! Would love to see in bloom!

When we left a few days later, the sinkhole had gotten bigger! Some of the cones had fallen in over the time we were there. Time to go!

We made a brief stop in Tombstone, home of the OK Corral and Boot Hill (one of them, anyway). My family did the old west route many times when I was a kid and we loved all that; the cowboys roaming the streets, the shootout at the OK Corral. They used to do it right on the street and the cowboys would roll off the roofs when shot. Now, of course, they charge $10 each. We skipped that. We did find a cool western shirt for Jim though.

DSC_3020 DSC_3032

We met this couple who had just retired. Jim got a pic for them. Hi guys! Enjoy retirement.

More celebration of our warlike past.

By the time we hit Benson, we were hungry again. We found Mi Casa Restaurant. Five stars all around! No dinner that night.

mi-casa-3  mi-casa-2

Heading for Tucson to hook up with my friend Izarian Rahmsahro. Yes, that’s really her name! Tucson also has an extensive bike trail system. Time to ride again!


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  1. Hi Wendy, hope you guys are well. Hope you have a great weekend! Toby says hi to Carmella! Check out this short message!Just a Common Soldier

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     Tony and Linda 

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