The Furnace of Fresno

We headed to Fresno for several reasons. It is fairly close to Sequoia National Park and King’s Canyon and we figured we could rent a car to see the trees. Our friends and old next door neighbors, Mike and Rita Sanders, were there visiting their youngest son and his family. And we knew there was an Elks Lodge there since the refrigerator was acting cranky. That is not good in 110 degree heat! So we knew we would want to be plugged in while we waited for parts. And to stay cool.

It was great to see Mike and Rita. They fall into the category of friends when even if you don’t see or talk to them for a while, you fall right back into your friendship. We had a great lunch and visit with them.

The next day we got a car and headed to Sequoia. The “groves” of giant sequoias are really impressive.
DSC_4703 IMG_7835 IMG_7836 IMG_7843 DSC_4720
And the biggest tree on the planet: The General Sherman. It is not the tallest but in sheer volume, it is the biggest. All the other trees bow down to it, although they are marvels in their own right.
DSC_4735_tonemapped IMG_7844
Hiking through the groves of giant sequoias is memorable. The quiet, heady smell, and sheer size of the forest envelops you as you strain to see the tops of the trees. And SO MANY BIG TREES! A singular experience. Highly recommended.

The next evening we got to visit with an old bus nut friend that we last saw in Blytheville, Arkansas for that town’s bus rally to dedicate their newly restored Greyhound station. RJ Long has a great store of bus knowledge and he lives in Fresno and was very helpful with attractions and what we should do there. It was great to catch up.

On to Hollister! It will be cooler there, much better than 110 degrees in Fresno. Seriously cooking!

That will be a nice change.


One comment on “The Furnace of Fresno

  1. They need som,e of our rain, All june , going on july. Hope they get some , all the fires,,, also, Stay cool..

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