Elks Care. Elks Share.

We joined the Elks in Kansas a couple of years before we took off full-time in the bus. When Jim’s dad found out that we joined, he said cryptically, “Those people like to have fun.” This is the same guy who, when we told his folks on the phone (25 years ago) that we were getting married said, after a very long pause, “Well, Jim. That’s a big step.”

We had friends who traveled full time and found out about the Elks Lodge RV parking options from them. We have stayed in several lodges on previous trips and since we got going this year, we have made the most of the options, particularly in California. We stayed at one lodge in Scottsdale, Arizona that had some full timers living there with lots of (all good) stuff all around. That was the only one we have encountered like that. Who knows? Maybe he was the Grand Exalted Ruler. That is seriously the actual title.

So far in California we have stayed at several lodges and we are only partway through the state.

Hesperia, before heading into LA. They had a large lot that was completely empty except for us. Carmella loved that, but it was so hot that she barely wanted to go outside.

Santa Maria, after leaving LA. Very large lodge with its own small RV park. Carmella went out here but there were a few dogs.

Atascadero, on the way to Fresno. Large lot with just a few other campers.

Fresno, waiting for refrigerator parts. Nice site facing a lake (that wasn’t empty!)

Hollister, to cool off. Right next to a small airport where we got to see sailplanes being towed and biplanes taking off.

And Lodi, where it is very hot again. Nice lodge with a golf course view from our site and close to restaurants and shops.

We are heading to Ukiah next, then Eureka in the redwood country where we may stay as long as a couple of weeks.

The parking is great, quiet and safe. Many of the lodges offer your first or second drink free. Most have water and electric and a dump onsite. It is normally not free, a donation or much cheaper (and better) than an RV park. No kids, very few dogs, no loud music or fires.

We got to watch this sunset unfold in Hollister…

DSC_4760 DSC_4772DSC_4770  DSC_4771DSC_4766

We are happy to be Elks and highly recommend membership to other travelers.


4 comments on “Elks Care. Elks Share.

  1. Wendy and Jim, I didn’t have your personal email , so I guess this is ok? Just wanted to let you know that Toby passed away on May 28th, He is sorely missed, I am sure Carmelia will miss him also LOL. Take care and safe travels, Tony

    • Oh Tony! So sorry. I sent you an email. Personal email is wcrosby62 at sbcglobal dot net. We will all miss Toby. He was a gentleman and a scholar.

  2. What a great sounding trip. We plan to get an RV of some kind within the next year. I must look into joining the Elks. My father was an Elk before he passed. Aren’t you going to stop in Santa Rosa? You must walk into any fire station an claim friendship with Captain Ted. If you are lucky, you will run into someone who actually remembers me.
    New article on the way to BCM.

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