The Last Two Trails…For Awhile

Before we ended up here in Astoria for a while, we were just really starting to get back on the bikes and look for longer trails to ride. We planned to try Fort Stevens State Park where they have a good trail system. Then we planned to hit Astoria for a couple of nights to ride their riverfront trail, have dinner out and be on our way.

Well, that didn’t happen. Now that we have been here almost a month already with some weeks yet to go, I am finally getting around to chronicling those last rides.

Fort Stevens is a very busy state park and the largest campground in Oregon. Of course, it was early August, kids still out of school, dogs and kids, bikes and skateboards. We stayed two nights but had to move the second night. That was no big deal.

The first day we rode out to the mouth of the Columbia River and the South Jetty. We got in a good 25 miles the first day, and 25 the next. The second day, before we moved on to Astoria, a wildfire apparently burned 27 acres right where we had ridden that day. It was tranquil and peaceful while we were there.
There was a shipwreck, a fort, of course, and wetlands to explore.

We moved on to Astoria on August 4, a date that now lives in infamy. We got out on the bikes and explored the riverfront and port. The rest of the story is here
DSC_5284 DSC_5282
The trolley track was right next to the bike trail with warning signs and directional arrows. I got ditched by railroad tracks early in my biking life and have studiously used the 90 degree approach ever since. I rode the eastern section of the trail after Jim had his mishap and believe me, I was super vigilant with the tracks, the trail, the crossings, the plank bridges, all of it. I was like an old lady on a bike. Oh wait, I was an old lady on a bike. Gah!

The Columbia River is very impressive, to say the least. We haven’t been across the bridge yet, but I went over the one at Longview, Washington. Big ships come through the mouth of the Columbia River after loading up on lumber.
DSC_5273_tonemapped DSC_5277_tonemapped DSC_5286_tonemapped DSC_5289_tonemapped
After Jim’s arm got stabilized and we saw the doctor to set up the surgery, we moved the bus to the Klaskanine River Park in Olney. At least we had a place to get through the surgery and a couple of recovery days before we had to move again. We liked it there but needed to be closer to Astoria, rental cars, stores, all of that good stuff. They had lovely flower gardens, large trees and it was very quiet. Our only concern was unleashed dogs with the kitties out on walks.
Our neighbors, Dan and Rainy were very thoughtful about Jim’s wrist and recovery. She showed me the scars on her back where she had a plate and six screws. Everybody’s doing it. We just found out that another good friend broke her right wrist too! It’s an epidemic!
DSC_5331 DSC_5338   DSC_5307 DSC_5312
And there was Charley.

The patient is recovering. He is being a really good patient too and Carmella is always right by his side. For such an active, busy and handy guy like him, to be laid up and not be able to do much has to be the worst part of all. Plus not being able to play the ukulele. He has been icing the wrist and sleeping a lot to promote healing. He has had almost no pain since right after the surgery, thank God. When he came out of the recovery room, the nurse was saying things like, “Oh honey, bone pain is the worst!” I was shushing her, Ha! didn’t want to put ideas in his head. Fortunately he was still out of it and she was great throughout both days it took to get it done.

Hopefully his cast comes off this week and we get an evaluation for physical therapy. We are renting a car this week too, so we can get around and see some of the area. I haven’t gotten my bike out yet but I can easily ride to town from here. We have been walking the golf course and I’m getting some yoga in. I will get my bike out. Next few days are doctor, haircut, dinner out. You know, important stuff.

The weather is nice with sunshine and light breezes; we are right on Youngs Bay where the Youngs River meets the Columbia River. The air is getting a little crisp but it is extremely pleasant here. We had some smoke from the wildfires in Washington a few days ago but the wind off the ocean keeps things pretty clear. Inland, not so much.

By the end of the week the real recovery will commence. He will be highly motivated to get back to the uke. Playing should be good therapy, right?

Like the song says, Every day in every way It’s getting better and better…  We are still BIG BIG Lucky.

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More photos on Flickr.

3 comments on “The Last Two Trails…For Awhile

  1. Sorry to hear of Jims biking accident Sounds like you’re on your way to getting back to the things you love. I do love hearing of your and Wendys adventures. Minus the mishaps. 🙂

  2. When I fell at work and broke my big finger on left hand I was put right back to work and the hand place told me that working and using it is the best, . Keeps things limber, Had to have hand therapy for 6th months, and do exercises, Glad I did works grea today…Very painful at first., take care , Animals always know when you are not feeling great. Hausie same way. Very loving..

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