Still Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere…

Until next week. Jim had his follow-up with the bone doc on the 18th and got cleared to do basically anything that doesn’t cause any pain. Bone healing still in progress but everything is looking good. He has two more OT therapy sessions next week and he has been doing his exercises faithfully while he walks the cat.. His therapist told him he was the Poster Child of OT and he really has been keeping at it, including Shaklee Osteo-Max and castor oil to promote healing.

I found a free Community Yoga class that meets at basically the same time of his therapy. The studio looks out at the mouth of the Columbia River. Not a bad drishti.

We have the car through the week with stuff scheduled like haircuts, vet appointments for the kitties and laundry up yet. I cleaned out and inventoried the freezer and refrigerator. We have a lot of fish. We are planning to walk to the local Mexican restaurant after we turn in the car and watch the sun set over the Lewis and Clark River while we drink margaritas and eat.

I have been getting out on my bike; the bike lanes here are clear and marked. I have been riding alot on the Pacific Coast Highway where there are lots of bike travelers and logging trucks and high speed traffic. After Jim’s accident and not riding for a few weeks, I was super careful when I got back on the bike. We really like the trails but the marked bike lanes here along with traffic have gotten me back into hyper vigilant bike commuter mode. And my skillz? Getting comfortable and still intact. If you are riding the whole Pacific Coast I guess you would get used to the logging trucks and the whiny-noised tires of the current pickup truck trend. I used to do this on a daily basis. Without a helmet. And without the logging trucks.

Today was glorious.
The beginning of the ride.on Youngs River Rd. That is a small herd of longhorn cattle middle left.DSC_5615_tonemapped
Toward Warrenton.
Coast Guard helicopters over Youngs Bay All. The. Time. That is the Astoria Column on the hill. It is being renovated but a big wind blew off most of the scaffolding a few years ago so they removed the plastic before that happened this time.

he Astoria-Megler bridge beyond Youngs Bay. The big bridge spans the Columbia River and is over four miles long. Once you get over it, you are fortunate enough to be in Washington, where it is also very beautiful.
DSC_5603_tonemapped DSC_5606_tonemapped DSC_5607_tonemapped DSC_5609_tonemapped


2 comments on “Still Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere…

  1. Glad everything is going well. Always a reason for the way things happen, The pictures are great, The weather is great here too. Makes you have spring fever all over again.Be careful with everything. . Hard to get back into the work  thing again., , Lov Cherie

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