Adios Astoria

After spending exactly six weeks in Astoria after Jim broke his wrist, it’s time to move on. We actually could not have been “stranded” in a better place, the north coast of Oregon in September is spectacular. Not to mention all the great seafood; oysters, salmon, black cod and halibut. We stocked up on smoked fish before our planned departure and were lucky enough to hook up with one of the fisherman in our “man camp” who supplied us with a lovely 15 pound salmon for the freezer. And our bellies.

We were so fortunate to be able to land at such a busy time of year in what turned out to be a really great spot, for us and the kitties. We were sheltered from the wind by the greenhouse and the kitties had a big yard to explore. Once the fishing season wound down, most of the fishermen’s trailers left and we had an unobstructed view of the golf course where the ever-changing sky was a spectacle in itself. I will do a post on our spot soon but here are some samples of the views we enjoyed.
DSC_5403-2a DSC_5406a
A gorgeous double rainbow after a storm. Just grab the camera and shoot away almost anytime.
DSC_5409 DSC_5569
And the night before we left, the blood moon lunar eclipse…
lunar eclipse
Our spot in the “man camp” was sheltered from the wind by the vacant greenhouse. The greenhouse was also a good place to practice hot yoga.  
Astoria has lots of charm and we tried to soak up as much as we could.

DSC_5277_tonemapped DSC_5439 DSC_5627DSC_5591 DSC_5630 DSC_5636 DSC_5640 DSC_5669_tonemapped DSC_5274
Except for the one day delay in his surgery, the hospital staff, administrators and doctors were top notch and his therapy went smoothly. Again, we were lucky to land in a place where all the stars aligned. Even the night he broke his wrist, it turned out we were just a couple of blocks away from the Emergency Room.

We were pronounced good to go and after a final dinner at the Mexican restaurant and the lunar eclipse, we got ready to hit the road for Vernonia. Even though Jim can’t ride his bike yet, there is a nice long trail there that I plan to explore in this glorious weather.

Adios, Astoria… Until we meet again. The universe has been good to us here.

More pics on Flickr. Lots more.


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