It’s Good to Have a Plan…

From Denver the plan was to drop due south and boondock at the Elks Lodge in Santa Fe for a few days. As Jim says, “It’s good to have a plan.” We figured we would eat and drink our way across New Mexico again and head for Oklahoma and Texas. It is still raining in the Rio Grande Valley so we aren’t in any particular hurry but we thought it would be warmer!  We’ve been pretty much winging it since April, especially after we left Oregon and the seasons started to change.

“Where are we going tomorrow?”

“I don’t know. Let’s look for a state park.”

Jim had worked on the AquaHot while we were in Denver and thought he got it going right; gotta have the AquaHot to boondock. We went to Trinidad Lake State Park where we had a great but not very level spot. Two of the campgrounds were closed for the season. Yikes! Better get moving.
Some views from the bus
DSC_6215 DSC_6214 DSC_6199

Except the AquaHot was on the fritz again. A diesel leak and venting problem reappeared like the day after he fixed it! So he adjusted it so it wouldn’t leak diesel all over the bay and he can take it apart and fix it once we get to Texas for the winter. But for now that means no boondocking since the diesel side of the hot water and heat would be out of commission and we can’t run the generator all night long. .

Carmella in the wild
What are you doing out there without me?

DSC_6225d DSC_6230a
So we turned east and are currently hunkered down in Guymon, Oklahoma at the Corral Drive-In and RV Park. We have been to Guymon before, in Jim’s newly restored 1963 Falcon Sprint convertible. Fifteen years ago. We may adjust our “plan” and drop south to Amarillo and beyond.

But that’s not till tomorrow because it has been pouring down rain here all night and day. Instead of driving, we are holding off. The plan could easily change. Meanwhile, we have 50 amps of power and we are cozy and dry with a big pot of spaghetti on the stove. I am fooling around with pictures and cooking. Jim is playing the ukulele and the kitties are curled up together. Game Three of the World Series is on tonight. The liquor cabinet is stocked and we have plenty of ice.

Life is good.

header 03-02-15.

4 comments on “It’s Good to Have a Plan…

  1. Wendy , you really do have a good life…I have been riding with you for a very long time and never get tired of your safe…

  2. Life is great , figured you would be heading south great, Cherie gets to do jury duty.. first of Dec…. ya ,, for Royals

  3. The weather is awesome. Ken & I got here yesterday and the sun is shining and beautifully hot. Seems like the ten day forecast is 5 days hot and sunny and 1 day rain lol


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