South to San Antonio

When we arrived in San Antonio the weather was hot and so was the traffic. Texans love their cars. And pickup trucks. We needed to get some supplies, then we were on to the Elks Lodge conveniently located near the Leon Creek Greenway bike trail. This part of the award winning San Antonio Greenway system trail is 35 miles. It cooled off nicely the following day and we hit the trail. Nice to see the live oaks again.
DSC_6402  DSC_6408 DSC_6406 DSC_6407
We saw about a dozen deer total, some small and not-so-small bucks included. In the heart of San Antonio.

Leon Creek is one of those deadly central Texas waterways that can rise fast and furious during heavy rain. We saw some of the evidence from the recent “rain events” that we were determined to avoid in our travels south. We don’t need to be someplace where it rains nine inches in a day.
DSC_6409 DSC_6410
The trails are built along the flood plains and they have an extensive system, thanks to Howard Peak, a former city planner and mayor who championed the cause for many years in his different roles with the city. Good job, Howard. There are 100 miles of smooth concrete trails and we rode the entire length of this 30 mile stretch. Some of the specifics:
We were right by The Shops at La Canterra so we headed over to the Apple Store to look around and hit Happy Hour. I must be getting old or something because the music was so LOUD in both the Apple Store and the restaurant! It did not make me want to linger and shop; I just wanted to get out of there. No Apple Watch for me this time. We were in a large shopping center with lots of restaurants and people, the kind of place we hardly ever go. When we got back to the bus and heard about the Friday 13th shootings in Paris, we realized a place like that could be a good target, especially during holiday shopping. Ugh.

The day before we left, another trailer pulled into the Elks and the guy must not have had much experience parking; he was all over the place. To the point that I had to get out and make sure he wouldn’t hit the bus. It took him about an hour to finally get it backed in. There was plenty of room on the other side of him, not sure why he needed to be so close to us; they even moved our cone. I think he just got tired of backing up and not getting it right so he gave up. And they had four giant dogs in there with them so no more kitty outings. One of those times we were glad to be leaving the next morning.

Heading south for the winter. One more stop to do laundry and stock up on groceries and we will be parked for a while.


4 comments on “South to San Antonio

  1. Good to hear that you are slowly making your way South for the winter and mostly enjoying your travels despite some small bumps.

    John and I spent last Friday evening with Bill and Janell. We tried s new restaurant in Norman, Meatballs. We thoroughly enjoyed our meal despite somewhat slow service. It certainly was well worth the wait. We will have to go there next time you are in town.

    Take care of Yourself, Jim and the kitties. Cupcake says hello!

    Love Carol

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  2. I was glad to get your message, I was hoping you would miss the bad weather. I love taking the arm chair journey with you…Be safe..

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