It’s a Wash…

After about 7000 miles, many great adventures, and a broken wrist, we have safely arrived at our winter spot in the Rio Grande Valley. We decided to hold up for a night and do laundry so it wouldn’t be hanging over our heads when we arrived. We just want to play water volleyball and ukulele, swim, take the kitties out, relax and go to Happy Hour.

We found a campground in Alice, Texas and called ahead to see if they had a laundry, the whole purpose of this stop. They had the facilities and when we we pulled into the Paisano RV Park, we asked for a spot close to the laundry. The woman running the park, Trish, was energetic, friendly and helpful. When she didn’t have a site near the laundry, she offered to carry it over in her car! She even helped me tote the first loads over.

The park was undergoing “improvements.” They were laying caliche on the sites and sprucing up the grounds. After the first few loads, while walking back to the bus, I noticed that the ground was wet where it hadn’t been before. The washers drained out directly on the ground! Great use of grey water, I guess. Put it back into the future flowerbeds.

After several loads, including the driver and passenger seat slipcovers, which really needed washing, we headed back to the bus for a late dinner. We were only about 100 miles from Edinburg with a few stock-up stops along the way. And the famous Falfurrias checkpoint.

I could not believe it when I looked at the iPad and saw that the Walmart in Falfurrias was permanently closed. We stayed there last year on our way south and I was amazed at how much diverse stuff they had packed into a very small space. It was actually one of the best Walmarts I have ever been in/stayed at. All kinds of sporting equipment, heavy on the fishing. Last year we picked up some throw rugs, electric heaters, a crockpot and other essentials for the winter.

The checkpoint was a piece of cake going south, just about 40 cameras pointed at you from both sides of the road. On the way north, they stop you and check you out. Looking for extra passengers.  I know we are just a couple of senior citizens in an RV not doing anything wrong, but I always hope the dragon and paint job doesn’t attract the wrong kind of attention. So far, so good. Thanks to Stormy for the Klingon Cloaking Device. He listened carefully.

Once we got settled in in our spot, it was time to think about washing the bus. We knew it was dirty, but did not realize it was THAT dirty! Yikes! We mixed up the winning combination of Advanage Wonder Cleaner and added Dawn, hydrogen peroxide and baking soda as an extra added stain-removing boost. Oh and Purple Power. I bought this last year at the Falfurrias Walmart and then read that it was not be be used on paint. OOPS! This year, we used it straight and added it to the mix and it was awesome! The back end of the bus. Before and After. Yikes!

I washed the windows too. So, of course, it rained the next day.

As our friend LeRoy said, “Just a gentle rinse.”


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