Tis the Season for Tequila Bloody Marys

One of my favorite holiday traditions can still be continued in the bus. I have already made a couple of batches of these this season. More coming soon.


Every Thanksgiving I made a big pitcher of Bill Bridges Tequila Bloody Mary recipe. Bill Bridges was a Life magazine photographer but I met him during my years as Editor of The National Falcon News. Along with photos of his Falcon, he sent this recipe along one time. As I cooked throughout Thanksgiving Day and guests gathered, this refreshing recipe became a holiday favorite.

Mix together:

2.5 C         Tomato Juice
2.5 C         V-8 Juice
1.5 C         Orange Juice (not from concentrate)
1/2 C         Worcestershire sauce
2.5 T         Pickapeppa sauce
4 t             Tabasco sauce
1+ C          Lime juice
3 C            Tequila
12 drops   Angostura Bitters
Coarse ground black pepper
Kosher salt

After savoring these for several years, I decided to call Bill and tell him how much we enjoyed them. I got his wife on the phone and she told me he had recently passed away. I should have called sooner.

Now whenever we pour one, I toast Bill Bridges.


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