That Time I Lost My Wedding Ring

It was just last Wednesday. We were playing water volleyball and a couple of hours in, I noticed it was gone. WHUT?

At first I wasn’t too worried because I knew I had it on when I got in the pool and it had to be there somewhere. The water volleyball pool is not that big.

We stopped the game while everybody shuffled around the pool trying to step on it to locate it. I got my swim goggles and swam all around looking underwater. No ring.

Finally one of the guys said, “If it was here we would have found it by now. Maybe you lost it someplace else.” Even though I hardly ever take it off this was, of course, a possibility. That flagged my confidence though. When I was sure it was in the pool, I figured it was just a matter of time until somebody found it. Taking it outside the pool meant a broader playing field and less success at pinpointing where it might be.

Heart sinking.

I rode my bike back to the bus and looked everywhere for it. Jim was practicing his uke, but immediately stopped and helped me search. We headed back to the pool and looked into the building where we had Yoga that morning.  I was certain I didn’t lose it there, since I surely would have noticed during Adho Mukha Svanasana (Down Dog) that it wasn’t there. You are basically staring at your hands in that pose. Back to the pool. 

The volleyball game was still going on so we walked the perimeter, which I had already done, thinking it may have gotten caught in the net around the pool. No ring.

I went to check the shower room; no luck. When I came back out I was starting to get a little panicky. We just celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary in October and I have grown quite fond of my ring, its wear, endurance and patina. And Jim knew that if I really lost it, I would be kinda sorta freaking out. Totally. At least we would still be married. GAH!

Then the clouds cleared and the sky turned extra blue when I saw Jim at the corner of the volleyball pool holding a small object between his fingers. He found it!

Apparently, it had flown off my finger and landed on the concrete deck right next to the chairs. How does that happen? Once it was found, I was so very relieved and I realized how much I would have missed it. He said he was glad he was the one to find it and I was too. He is very good at finding things.

That night at happy hour I heard many other wedding ring horror stories including one from Paul, a guy here who had lost his ring the same way, during water volleyball, found it, only to lose it for good another time. And he had been wearing his for over 40 years, never taken it off. I asked his wife if he was as devastated as I would have been and she said he was, especially after finding it the first time.

Notice taken. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

Now I am wearing it on this finger, which is always fun showing it off to folks.

Thanks to all who helped look for it and especially Jim, who found it. Thank you sweetie.






4 comments on “That Time I Lost My Wedding Ring

  1. Very glad you and Jim found it.I relate too the story . I would feel the same way.. I have a lot of rings on now. besides wedding rings etc, When they get too loose, Change finger. Visa vers when the get too tight , My hands change during seasons , Cold shrink up, Summer expand etc.. Also as mom would say all getting up their,, ,, Ha Ha .. LOL,, LOVE Cherie

  2. Like your top of the blog Wendy , THIS CHARACTER IS STILL SAYING Merry Christmas TO ALL,, AND Happy New Year…. 2016,, Can’t believe how time flies…

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