A Year of Headers: 2015

We went to a lot of great places last year! Now we just need to figure out where we will go this year! Ideas?

Updating the blog header is a little graphic design puzzle that is fun to solve. Here are all the headers from 2015 in order. A little progressive snapshot of the year. Ha!

Many more pictures from the year:

2015 in Pictures: The End! Finally!

2015 in Pictures: Part Six

2015 in Pictures: Part Five

2015 in Pictures: Part Four

2015 in Pictures: Part Three

2015 in Pictures: Part Two

2015 in Pictures: Part One


5 comments on “A Year of Headers: 2015

  1. I loved, loved, loved your ever-changing, creative headers! And I’m sad, sad, sad that I have not a single creative bone in my body… deep, deep, deep envy here! (just joking about the second sentence, of course.) Your blog posts always lift my day! Linda

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