Home Improvements

We are getting ready to pull up our Winter Texan stakes. Jim has been getting a whole list of projects done on the bus, fixing the bay doors, replacing a slide in the pantry and installing motion sensor lights in the kitchen cabinets. Lots of ship tightening going on before our projected departure around April 1.I have been cleaning, washing windows, shampooing rugs, polishing silver and getting things ready to roll on the inside.

One thing that was on the list was to defrost and clean out the refrigerator but now we don’t have to do that because it quit! One morning this week Jim woke up and smelled ammonia around the refrigerator doors. A quick internet search said that meant the cooling unit was failing. WHAT? It seemed like we just did that! It seemed to be holding temperature and we thought maybe the smell was just vinegar from cleaning the shower the day before. After another day though, the temperature was going up in the frig and the freezer was warming up too. Phooey!

It is a good thing we are still parked in south Texas and were not on the road when this happened since people here have extra refrigerators and offered us space for our food, which we seem to have quite a lot of.

The cooling unit was still under warranty but the old refrigerator had some other recurring problems; doors not sealing right, frosting up quickly after defrosting and just not being cold enough! We talked about replacing it with a domestic unit, which many RVers do, but we like to dry camp for extended periods and really need a refrigerator that will run on propane. So we ordered another RV refrigerator that will fit in the space where the old one is. It was a real bear getting that thing in and out just to replace the cooling unit and it didn’t even have to come out of the bus.

We knew the old one would not go down the steps and a new one would not come up that way either. One of the side windows will have to be removed and the new unit fork-lifted in. At first we couldn’t find anybody even interested in the job and it looked like Jim would have to recruit some guys here in the park and wangle it in that way. Even though I trust him more than any dealer to do the placement, wiring and installation, it still will take a forklift to get the old one out and the new one in. We wanted to have a dealer on board in case something happened; it could get dropped or not work and we would be out several thousand dollars with no recourse.

Jim found a RV dealer right near here in Mission, Texas that will do the job and we are having the new refrigerator shipped there. When it arrives, we will take the bus there and hopefully have an uneventful installation. Then we will come back, pick up our food, swim a few laps, attend a few Happy Hours and hit the road.

One good bit of news is that once Jim ordered the new refrigerator, he talked the company replacing the warrantied cooling unit into sending one for the new refrigerator. Maybe if we have one, we will never need to use it! The best news is that the new refrigerator will have an icemaker. YAY!

Stay tuned.




2 comments on “Home Improvements

  1. My dearest sister and friend, So very glad to hear from you. I  figured some thing was going on. Glad you are still parked in South Texas. Glad all provisions are saved Lol. I bet you will be able to get use to the new Ice maker. We were planning a trip out that way.  Danny has to drive for his job. Asked me if we could rest this Vac. Got as far as Branson and of course I said I understood. Was really looking forward to our trip. South too much rain etc. So planned for another west trip. I was all ready etc. At first very disappointed, Better now, Going to be a nice day here. Can hardy wait for the warm weather. Glad to be feeling and doing well, I just went to regular doctor visit, all is very well and your older sister lost 10 pounds, down from 145 to 135. Couldn’t believe it my self. She said keep it up. On the way out to St. lukes I stopped out at #6. it is landscaped very nicely. A good thing to do is going to meetings. Glad everything is ok. Have a very happy and blessed Easter. . I love you.   What about moms ashes? THAT will probably happened When you guys get going, I got a nice picture of her up on my chest of drawers. And of course the famous one of dad and all of us standing near car and chicken place. Take care, Cherie

  2. The refrigerator blues…and yet you remain cheerful…it must be the effects of your excellent yoga…mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. We land-bound people in Kansas City miss you. Betsy and Ralph.

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