New Refrigerator Installed; Check!

Once they had shipped the new refrigerator, it got lost. For a couple of days we thought we were going to have to have another one shipped but they finally found it in San Antonio. Once it arrived at Bert Ogden RV in Mission, Jim had them plug it in and test it to make sure it got cold and worked correctly before we got it into the bus. It turned out they had a cancellation the next day at 8:00 AM so we got up early and headed out.

We checked it out and it was getting nice and cold while plugged in at the shop. All systems GO!

First to get the old one out… Because it wouldn’t go down the steps, they had to remove the side window. Since the bus was painted while the windows were installed, Jim scored all around the frame to make sure the paint didn’t peel off. When he told the guys he did that, they carefully scored around the window too. Window coming out.

Then out with the old.
And in with the new. They had some cardboard taped to the front of the new frig but to be loaded through the window it seemed like it needed much thicker padding. They proposed laying it on its back and loading it through that way. Now we know that the cooling unit is a very fragile piece of important stuff since we had the old one replaced a couple of times. Both Jim and I nixed the loading on the back so they took the doors off and laid it on the front side. Jim would have preferred that they not remove the doors but all went well.
Fitting it in place. This went amazingly well; the last time we had the frig out, Jim swore he would just take a saw to the opening if we had that much trouble!

Window going back in…
And wiring it up. Since we didn’t have an ice maker in the old one, they couldn’t connect the new one. We stopped at Home Depot on the way back and got the stuff for that and a trim piece to mount on the small gap on top.

We had lunch and were back at the park in plenty of time for Happy Hour.

Wow! This all went like clockwork! No broken windows or frig. No damage to the paint. We did notice while it was still in the shop that the freezer doors both had the very slightest wimple in them so they shipped us two new doors. Since the old cooling unit was under warranty, we got them to ship us one for the new refrigerator in the hopes that we will never have to use it.

Hats off to Bert Ogden RV and Juan who coordinated the install. We are very glad we went this route instead of trying to do ourselves in the park. It was cheap too, only $285. Definitely a bargain. They install better than they spell.

It has been in a week now and we  really like having our own ice. We hope this closes the book on the refrigerator saga.


3 comments on “New Refrigerator Installed; Check!

  1. Congrats on the new fridge. We are on the road too. Staying the night in Ely, NV. Tomorrow we drive about 4 hrs to Fallon whereupon we will pick up the new puppy. Not sure we are ready for this but we will somehow make due. The cats on the other hand are not prepared for any such intrusion. Home again by Sunday evening. Happy travels.
    Captain Ted

  2. Most wonderful news that the new refrigerator is in, Glad for you both. You both have so many talents, take care and God bless, Can’t hardy wait until you get on the road again…Saw all the storms in Tulsa , wow .. Very cold here etc, Where is spring.. ?

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