We left Edinburg on Tuesday headed for Austin. We spent our honeymoon in Austin 25 years ago (is that even possible?) and have always had a huge affection for the town. Lance Armstrong notwithstanding…

We knew from years ago that the traffic was terrible so we timed our entry accordingly and had a great trip up on the Texas Hill Country Trail. The bluebonnets and wildflowers were in full display as we headed north.

Jim’s cousin Warren and his wife Judy had spent the winter there and we had been meaning to hook up with them for almost a year but never were in the right place at the right time. This was the right time. We planned to spend three nights at the park where they were wintering over but we had such a good time with them that we extended our stay to five nights. Judy used her persuasive powers to not only get us additional nights but we ended up parked right next to each other. YAY!  We were having too much fun! Makes the Bloody Mary delivery so much easier!
Our longtime friends David and Andrea live there too and we were able to connect with them for a lovely boat ride and dinner. The traffic is so bad that it was much faster for them to pick us up by boat than by car. We motored over to the Sundancer Grill for a great dinner and evening catching up.
Love the look on David’s face here. Andrea has been through a lot health-wise in her life; she is a true warrior. She is at the tail end of a case of shingles now and had “the slows” as she put it. We are planning to get the shingles shot ASAP, a few years late. You should too.
Sunset on Lake Travis.

Once we were back at the park, we enjoyed several great meals with Judy and Warren including cocktails and wine and lots of music, everything from Bruce Springsteen to Allison Krause.

Of course Jim has known Warren forever but I first met Judy at a family reunion in Indiana in the late 1990s sometime. She had come to the reunion on her own since she and Warren had just been in a motorcycle accident and he was pretty laid up. We always knew we liked them but never got to visit two-on-two since it was always some big family gathering when we saw them. Jim’s mom was always about the large group but you never really get to know anybody that way. This was the first time we had spent just with them and it was the best family-as-friends visit ever! They love to laugh and have fun and we just had a grand old time. More plans to get together soon as they are heading back to Dallas to clean out and sell their house and stuff. We look forward to seeing them often and meeting up on the road.

As we headed out of the park we had to stop and take a picture of this rig.

We chatted briefly with Jema, who has been traveling with her husband and four kids for five years. We will keep in touch and will definitely recognize each other if we meet on the road.

What a great visit! Judy and Warren are the most fun family ever! Love these guys!

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