Cruising the Coast

After we left Austin, we knew we wanted to wind along the Gulf Coast eating All. The. Seafood. We made it to the Elks Lodge in Katy outside Houston where the kitties got a good outing. The next day we went through Houston, which went fine until we were on the east side and got caught up in an accident slowdown.

We had lunch in Port Arthur at Gulf Coast Seafood. If you are ever anywhere near Port Arthur, make sure you stop here. The Salt and Pepper Shrimp was lightly crispy, perfectly seasoned and totally delicious. Eyes bigger than stomach; I had plenty for dinner too. The seafood crawl has begun.

We had a route mapped out to Cameron, Louisiana but had to adjust course when that route required a ferry. We’re not ready for that and it turned out that the ferry was passenger vehicles only. We re-routed and landed at the Jetty RV Park with a spot looking right out onto the Gulf. We spent a couple of nights recharging, taking the cats out and drinking Bloody Marys. Thanks, Warren and Judy for the new bad habit!

This is a great RV Park well worth the drive through the Louisiana countryside to get there. And we had the whole place to ourselves!
Our view from the bus: I actually took this through the windshield.
The skies were ever-changing and I fooled around with some panoramic views.
gulf panorama-3gulf panorama-1
Carmella had several long walks here, chasing the marsh rabbits and trying to figure out why the seagulls were squawking at her. Ships came and went on a regular basis; from shrimp boats to huge carriers. We also had a torrential rainstorm the first night which was kind of nice after so many months with zero rain.
Enroute we had lunch in Abbeville at Shucks! Oyster House. Yum! Once again we ordered too much and had leftovers again. There were no oysters left over from this sampler however.
After lunch we headed for Walmart in Morgan City to spend the night and get some supplies.
This was our spot at the Walmart where Carmella also had a walkabout in her own little park beside the bus.

The good news is that Walmart sells liquor in Louisiana so we stocked up. I loaded and locked what we call the liquor bay but I must not have secured the first door well because when we were approaching Lake Pontchatrain to drive the 24 miles across the lake, a driver next to us signaled that something was amiss. The bay door was open! We lost a leveler pad (again!) and a big bottle of detergent but nothing else from the bay and no damage done. We have always locked the bays since we lost the first leveler pad a few years ago but Jim showed me how to check the latch on the opposing door to make sure everything stays closed. Good thing we were not on the bridge when that happened; no place to stop there.

And the box of liquor was intact. Whew! As Jim said, “This is not a big problem.”

We made it to Mandeville where we are riding the 40+ miles of the Tammany Trace. We have been on this trail before but we figured we better get some bike riding in during our seafood cruise. And there are many delicious places to eat and drink here too.

It is really nice to be back on the bikes. We did 25 miles today and tomorrow we have at least that many planned with a couple of food stops. Of course.



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