Georgia on My Mind…

Once we left the Choo Choo Garage, we headed for James Sloppy Floyd State Park so I could spend a few more days in shingles recovery mode. We arrived during the week and it was nice and quiet for both recovering and kitty walking. We wanted to take a few days before we got to Howard and Ellen’s to assure that we I would at least be reasonable company.

They had been expecting us but none of us were exactly on a schedule so we pulled in one afternoon and commenced visiting. Ellen fixed us some delicious meals, all served from their bus barn kitchen which was newly installed. It was all pulled out in a home remodel and everything was brand new! What a deal! She had hurt her knee so I tried to make myself as useful as possible fixing things and cleaning up. At least I could do that much.

Howard has been Jim’s longtime bus guru and they did some work on Howard’s bus as they are preparing for their summer travels. Howard and Ellen have been living in their bus for over 27 years now and Ellen still says, “I love it.” Max the kitty was in residence and he and Carmella even had a nose-to-nose meeting.
After which Carmella needed some reassuring snuggling from Tikita.
We always enjoy our time with Howard and Ellen and this time was no different.
DSC_7499 DSC_7497
Howard deep in the back of the bus. Jim observing and learning from the Master.
And Ellen and I, shingles and all.
Our deepest gratitude, as always, to Howard and Ellen for their hospitality, friendship and good parking spot.
These guys are the Best! If you see them on the road, say hi for us!

Next: On to Atlanta to visit my old friend Pat Downs, a childhood friend who I have not seen in 42 years!



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