Back on the Katy Trail

I consider the Katy Trail my “home” trail. It runs across the entire state of Missouri. When we lived in Kansas City I rode the entire length and back a couple of times by myself and had a fabulous time riding the 500 miles. They have added a couple of sections since then so we will have to hit those sometime.

We headed for Marthasville, Missouri where Jim found us a great parking spot in the city park right on the trail. The softball fields were busy the first few evenings but as the holiday weekend approached there was no evening activity and lots of kitty walking. And bike riding.

It has been a while since we rode so Jim was airing up the bikes and not one, but two tubes blew! We had patch kits but it turned out that the bike store in the next town delivered! We didn’t have to break down the bus to go get new tubes. $25 delivery charge was a bargain and Blaise fixed our flats for us too!  Thanks Blaise!

We ended up extending our stay a few days to lay over the holiday weekend and Jim’s birthday. The sky rewarded us with a spectacular sunset on his birthday.

We pedaled through the towns of Marthasville, Treloar, Peers, Dutzow and Augusta. Some scenes along the trail.

And I got to meet up with my good friend from the Falcon Club, Janice Branson. She and her husband, Don were some of the first people I met in the FCA and we have remained in touch. Don passed away last year but it was good to see Janice and catch up. She’s doing very well and it was so nice to visit with her.
After we left Marthasville, we cruised along scenic Hwy. 94 through the river bottoms and along the trail until we had to turn back due to water over the road. We found the detour, hit the grocery store and headed to Marni and Eric’s where they always welcome us at their garden spot on the trail near Wilton.

I put my hummingbird feeder up and had a hummer in minutes. Then he flew into the bus! Astrid was sitting on the step though and he flew right back out. Whew.

More trail riding and kitty walking to come. This is a great spot for the cats to go out.
And rabbits!



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