The Bird Whisperer and The Healer

From Marthasville, we moved on to our friends Marni and Eric’s place on the River Road and spent a week there visiting with friends, observing baby orioles, riding bikes and making progress on shingles recovery.

We have been here before and it seems every time Eric has rescued a small bird. Last time it was a hummingbird, this time a Baltimore Oriole. Our spot by their garden was a great place to watch the orioles coming to and from the nest feeding the young. The orange splashes of color swooped all over the yard and garden and we had a front row seat. On the last day we were there, Eric came down to the bus to report that the small orioles had left the nest. One was safely on a nearby tree trunk but one was on the ground. He brought it down to the bus for a visit before helping it back into the tree.

And less than a week later, Eric posted this picture of him on Facebook! Look how much he has grown! How lucky are we that we got to say hello to this cutie?
We rode the trail many miles while we were there. Always enjoyable to ride alongside The Big Muddy.


Out the arch to the trail. Right behind the bus.


Our spot.


The Joseph M. LaBarge was across the river due to high water.




Along the trail

Meanwhile, in between catching up with old friends, hanging out with Marni and Eric and eating lots of fresh garden asparagus, broccoli and blueberries, I thought I was making progress on the shingles front. Still not completely healed up but certainly not for the lack of treatments I attempted: Glyco-Thymoline, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice; all internally as well as externally. Garlic. Aloe vera gel. Castor oil. Hydrogen peroxide. Pastes of cayenne pepper and tumeric. Each morning Jim would say, “Your face looks better” but it still was taking way too long, in my opinion, to clear completely up. One evening we went to Cooper’s Landing to hear the Flood Brothers and the punched-in-the-face headache was back. Discouraging.

Marni noticed and took action. The next morning she mixed up a paste of goldenseal powder and aloe vera gel and I slobbed it on my face. She also got me some carrot juice, Oregon Grape Root, parsley and Chapparal to battle it from the inside out. I immediately ordered my own goldenseal powder so I could continue once we left. The difference in just the two days before we left was amazing! The blisters started to completely dry up and the swollen, paralyzed feeling started to recede.  What a relief!

The day after we left I was able to send her a picture of my healed up face and she followed up with a phone call to confirm that things were working. So grateful for her healing touch.


Jim and Eric


Marni hates having her picture taken so this is the best I could do of them together. Ha!


Cyber on his sunporch


Eric found this finely crafted, very thin arrowhead. Look how perfect it is!

What a lovely week. We always enjoy our time with these guys. Smart, funny, down-to-earth and genuine folks; they are generous with everything they have; their time and knowledge, concern, insight and understanding along with the food from their garden and the deliciousness of Marni’s kitchen. Our gratitude knows no end.


4 comments on “The Bird Whisperer and The Healer

  1. Wen Glad you’re better if not best yet Word press won’t let me comment Have you tried Polysporin. Miracle skin healer I can see you are trying all natural but this is important and hope you will consider every way to heal Headaches not so much ! Arg Xo Tien

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Wen Hope you will try Polysporin too – magic skin healer ! Go for the big guns – not a knife fight … Not so much for head Aches …

    Just back from wood in Atlanta…not in a hurry to go back Are you visiting Jim’s family 2 ? Xo Tien

    Sent from my iPad


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