The Group W Bench

Remember The Group W Bench from Alice’s Restaurant? Fitting for our visit to Kansas City.

We had planned on seeing Jim’s dad on our way to Colorado Springs and it turned out he had a special ceremony planned so we wanted to be in town for that. When his Mom died, she was cremated and David bought an urn and a final resting place in the Lees Summit Cemetery. There were all kinds of problems, the first being that the urn was too big to fit in the allotted spot. They fixed that right away. The second was that when he went to visit her, there was no place to sit. This is a serious consideration when you are 93 years young.

So he designed and had a lovely bench made which is in a great location under a shady cedar tree and flanked by older graves graced with peonies. He wanted the family to be there to move her ashes from one spot to the bench and join him for dinner afterward.

We hit the Midwest in a serious heat wave, but the Elks Lodge in Grandview was a welcome and isolated place to walk the kitties, power up and cool off. The ceremony was a good chance to see the whole family and the shade helped since it was about 100 degrees that day.  Jim and his brother Bob engineered the ashes transfer, which was not without a few iffy moments. David said a few words to commemorate the occasion.We disbanded to Bob’s new house for a quick glass of his excellent homemade wine before heading to the prime rib dinner at David’s place. We were treated to a slide show of many family photos taken by David that I had never seen in our 25 years of marriage. Grandkids and great grandkids were all in attendance. The torch has passed.
Jim and his brothers and Dad met for breakfast one morning.

We got to see a few more friends in Kansas City but not nearly everybody we wanted to. We met Phil and Linda for a drink and Bob Donley came out to the bus to say hello; that was unexpected and very nice.

I even had the nerve to drive by our old house. It looked shady and cool and well cared for. Not nearly as heart wrenching as I thought it would be.

If we missed you in Kansas City, we will catch you on the return, maybe this fall. We did, however, get to see our old friends Jack Stack and Arthur Bryant.

2 comments on “The Group W Bench

  1. Love reading about all your travels, my ole school friend! That bench is amazing! We are here in Bonita Springs, Florida waiting for phase I of the family coming to visit here today!

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