Colorado Has A Lot Going For It

The main reason we were in Colorado Springs is because the annual convention of the National Antique Oldsmobile Club was held there. I am the Editor and designer of the national magazine and it is always a good chance to reconnect with friends, shoot lots of material for the magazine and attend 7:00 AM meetings. Well that part, not so much fun.

We reserved a boondocking spot for the bus. We would have no hookups but we were prepared and had plenty of everything. We were in the trailer lot behind the hotel so we were right by the show field and thick in the middle of the car and semi trailers.
This guy expertly backed his trailer to within inches of our awning. He left the next day and was quickly replaced with a small horse trailer. That was better. By the time we left, the lot looked like this:
We had some beautiful sunsets.

And the Oldsmobiles! A very small selection here. There were about 75 cars there. More in the September issue!

We ended up staying a extra day so we could spend a day touring with Theresa and Bruce. We had a long scenic day, starting with Garden of the Gods, then over Ute and Wilkerson Passes to South Park where Bruce and Theresa used to spend the summers. The view from the top:
And them in front of their old park model. Theresa said, “I miss it.”

Then on to Cañon City after lunch in Hartsell where the frenzied staff at the cafe seemed to never have served more than a few folks at a time. Lunch with dead animals.
On to Cañon City where we had these views from Hogback Ridge.
One of my sisters said I take too many pictures of the sky, but it is ever changing and stupendous much of the time. Can’t help myself.

Cañon City is like Astoria, Oregon. Deer are as prevalent as squirrels.
Such a memorable day with good friends!

Moving on to Golden Bell Camp in Divide to meet up with LeRoy and Anne Willis. They are bus conversion full timers too and we just seem to sync with them.

And they always dress alike. Really!


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