Friends Who Are Friends

We have known LeRoy and Anne Willis for several years. We keep in touch but hadn’t gotten together since the big bus rally in Blytheville, Arkansas in 2013. It was time to catch up! We knew they were camp hosting in Divide, Colorado not far from Colorado Springs but they were on duty and we didn’t want to ride 30 miles 3000 feet up the mountain on our bikes. What to do?

We decided to book a night at their park and once we left Colorado Springs it didn’t take long to get there. It is small and very secluded in the hush of large evergreens and aspens. We got set up and they took us out for a delicious dinner at McGinty’s Irish Pub. The pizzas looked really good but we all settled on a pot pie dish of one kind or another. These were rich and delicious. And filling. It also served as dinner the next evening too. Sienna, the waitress was friendly and interested in the bus lifestyle.

The four of us had a wide-ranging conversation about everything under the sun. They are easy to talk to and curious. Just think about how many people you have met who never ask you anything about yourself. Those people are not LeRoy and Anne.

These guys are special, you can just tell. They are down-to-earth and have lots of energy and good will. We like them a lot. They full-time in Liberty, their Silver Eagle, splitting their time between Colorado, Arizona and Kansas where they have a building for the bus and hookups for visiting travelers. We have yet to make it there.

They are members of the Friends Church. Like all Friends I have met, they are happy, have a positive outlook, nothing but sincere speech and questioning minds. What’s not to like?

We toured the small but extensive park which has cabins, yurts and zip-lines as well as RV parking and tent camping. There were lots of boy scouts there.The next morning they came by and we visited for a while longer before it was time to head out. We had another easy conversation while Carmella busied herself with a nearby chipmunk.


Here they are the next day.


Group selfie


First place we have ever had a Welcome! sign. We switched sites.


Anne, LeRoy and Liberty

So glad we met up with Anne and LeRoy. Wouldn’t want to miss that good feeling. We finally broke it up so we could get on our way to Northglenn where there is an extensive bike trail system. We plan to spend several days exploring. We are at the Elks Lodge right near the trail. Again, what’s not to like?



One comment on “Friends Who Are Friends

  1. Magnificent Journey…enjoyed the photo’s of the “Bench dedication/ceremony”…and the photo’s of family,,,thanks for sharing…safe travels and keep posting those terrific photo’s..Have a relaxing and enjoyable Independence Day…Horst sends

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