Rocky Mountain High

We explored the bike trails in Denver, doing errands and just riding. Denver has a fantastic bike trail system; you can get almost anywhere riding the trails. The few places where you have to ride on the street have dedicated bike lanes that are well marked and separated from the right turn lanes.

We decided to stay at the Elks Lodge in Northglenn over the July Fourth holiday since we didn’t want to be on the road with holiday traffic. Traffic in Denver is bad enough! Our good friend Ronnie came up for dinner on a Friday and holiday weekend. It took him awhile to get there but we had a nice visit and meal.

Once the holiday was over, we set our sights on a Walmart in Laramie and had a short day before settling in. We did have some excitement on the way during our climb into Laramie. The engine shutoff went into effect when the temperature edged up toward 200. Jim had been able to keep it just shy but it must have been the altitude.We cooled it down and went on our way.

Once we got settled in, we finished off our extraordinary hamburgers that we made for the Fourth. We eat hamburgers about once a year or so and these are really good. Mix up your ground chuck with chopped onion and barbecue sauce for the best burger ever. We ate them for about three days. Good for another year.

The next morning when we went to fire up the generator, it would start but wouldn’t keep running. We managed to make some coffee and instead of continuing north, decided to head for Cheyenne and see about parts or repair. Of course, when we got to the diesel repair shop, it started up and ran just fine. Go figure! We found a long-termers park and plugged in. Jim ordered a solenoid and will fix it when the part comes in. We are right on the bike trail too!

Since we are here for several days, we rented a car and drove around seeing the sights. We ended up back in Ft. Collins, Bellevue and LaPorte where I lived about four thousand years ago when I went to college there. Up through the mountains with some 12% grades. Not recommended for buses. I found the houses I used to live in, well one for sure.
This is the basement apartment which was my very first independent home ever. I was 18 and put the deposit down before telling my dad. He about went through the roof but I lived there anyway. My bedroom was shared with the water heater but I didn’t care.

We drove through the Colorado State University campus but it was under heavy construction, Along with everything else, they are building a stadium right on campus.

I love that the trains still run right down College Avenue. It was on these tracks that I learned the importance of riding my bike at a right angle across the tracks.

The quad: The big old trees are still there!
The High Park fire in 2012 charred many acres above Bellevue as we climbed.
The skies were compellingly ever-changing.
Back in Cheyenne, we explored around town the next day. The skies are incredible here too.

One comment on “Rocky Mountain High

  1. Hi ya!! Great story, as usual!! I will comment on that in a minute…. First, I want to thank you so much for the birthday post card!! You are so thoughtful!!

    For the story here, I tend to see things in the clouds & I want to see if you see what I see in some of your cloud pictures…. In the first picture I see a cat face!! He’s looking at you & you can see his right ear, eyes, & nose. The second picture looks like something (a lioness, dog, ?) hugging another something… The third picture has an angry dragon(?) on the left with it’s mouth open. Just above it is a woman (sideways with curly hair) with her hand on it’s snout. I see another person on the right, too. Your last picture has a horses head looking up toward the right. Snout is slightly elongated.

    What do you think? Imaginative, huh?? lol Travel safely!! Hugs! Loretta


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