Montana Bound

It was getting really hot in Cheyenne so we decided to go north. I knew that our friends Greg and Debbie had a good bus parking spot at their ranch so we took a couple of days to get to Laurel, Montana. Greg had assured us that the weather would be a respite from Cheyenne and for a couple of days it was. Then the heat started creeping in. Exactly how far north would we have to go to beat the heat? Alaska?

I met Greg and Debbie in June of 2011 when he organized an all-Oldsmobile tour over the Beartooth Pass in Montana. He offered to put me up in a hotel if I could get myself out there and do an article in the national magazine about the tour.  I immediately said “Yes Sir!” There were about a dozen Oldsmobiles from all over the country and we had several great days touring in the area, enjoying Happy Hours and dinners together. We tried the pass twice. The first day, it was snowing and the pass was still closed. The next day was the official opening and they had the snow and ice cleared. There were 12 foot walls of snow on the sides of the road. More pics here. I made several very good friends from that week-long trip. I love Montana and look for any chance to go back. Here is the issue of the magazine highlighting the tour. OCT-2011-RTR


Joyce and Ed let me tag along in their ’58

I called Greg when we got close and he was not home but said Debbie was. When we arrived, she didn’t even realize he wasn’t there. There are several outbuildings on the ranch and she said she doesn’t know where he is even if he’s home. She said, “He’s like a two-year-old! I never know where he is!”

Greg has other cars besides the 1950 Olds he drove on the tour. As it happened, the next day there was a big all original car show in Billings. He went in early in his 1969 Jaguar XKE to help with the show and we ended up there later in the afternoon. It was a really nice show with all different types of cars; all original.

We settled in for a few days, visiting the horses, Roundup the dog, who I met during the tour, two kitties; one with three legs and six horses. We had cocktails in the evenings and Debbie made some delicious dinners and snacks. Jim and I went for a ride with Greg in his 1951 Mercury and saw a lot of the surrounding countryside. There’s a good reason they call it Big Sky Country.

Charlie is Greg’s roping horse. He wins two heeler competitions often and brags that he is the oldest roper there. He ropes the calf from his horse, in just the correct manner, and his younger partner ties the two back heels together. Debbie trail rides with a group often. Greg contributes to the Oldsmobile magazine I put together. They were planning a two week trip in their 1959 Ford Fairlane. They have a lot going on but they are easy to talk and laugh with, generous with their time and company (and car). We enjoyed our time together and will definitely make it back there another time. Again, we are humbled and thankful for such generous and caring friends.

There is a lot to tend to around the ranch. Jim helped Greg with a couple of projects in the garage. We walked our kitties, went to the car show, talked to the horses, got some work done and met up in the evenings. At least driveway guests aren’t in your house all the time. Debbie paid us the ultimate compliment when she said we could stay as long as we wanted and that we were pretty easy to have around. Ha! Fooled them!

More pictures here.



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