Little Bighorn Battlefield, Devil’s Tower and The Badlands

After we left Greg and Debbie’s place, we headed for the Little Bighorn Battlefield. We had visited this during the Oldsmobile Tour but Jim had never been there. When I was there in June of 2011, it was cold and snowing. This year it was very hot, 100 degrees, a good example of the harsh weather extremes on the high plains.

The first time I basically considered it a photo opportunity and endurance test due to the weather. I used my Nikon for one exposure HDR and played with my new iPhone 6S+.

My main emotions were shame, disgust and guilt for what we put the Native American populations through. Quotes from Sitting Bull and the Lakota Sioux simply said, “We just want to be left alone. We don’t want your civilization.” Yet we fought them, stole their homeland, relocated them, forced our way of life on them and wondered why they could not adapt. We are all still dealing with the consequences since the reservations are beset with problems like alcoholism, drug use and inertia. We brought a proud and honorable people to their knees in exploitation of our lifestyle. And it isn’t necessarily the greatest lifestyle either.

The Indians won this battle resoundingly but they lost the war.

After a sobering look, we landed in Lame Deer at a small out-of-the-way RV park and cranked up the AC.
We rarely use the air conditioning in the bus, but this summer it has been essential.
We have the Driver’s AC for while we go down the road and the rest of the bus gets pretty hot as you can see. We also watched the Republican Convention but I got tired of the shouting, vitriolic furor and fear mongering so I went outside and watched this instead.
After a short drive to Devil’s Tower in Wyoming, we got a campsite with a view of the Tower, which was the first National Monument. The morning we left we hiked around the base and saw deer, chipmunks and climbers on the face of the tower.

Off to the Badlands. This National Monument is a drive-through and it was fun to do. The ideal time to visit would be sunrise or sunset but pretty during the day too.
More photos here. And here.

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