Corn, Cantaloupe and Compadres

We had scoped out the Lake Wobegon Trail and the Central Lakes Trail in Minnesota and planned to head there from South Dakota. We also wanted to go north of Minneapolis to visit some friends from our park in Texas where we spent the winter and planned to do that after riding as much as we could of the 200 miles of the trails.

Frankie and Dick and Cindy and Jim are camp hosts at Avatan but when we heard that Randy and Sue and Gary and Carolyn were there too, along with Debbie and Jack and Judy and Frank, it was a no-brainer.

From the bus: a field of sunflowers on the way to Avatan.

Naturally, we decided to head up there for a mini-reunion before hitting the bike trails. The timing worked out great! We got to spend a few days with our friends, catching up at Happy Hour, swimming laps, practicing yoga and playing water volleyball and relaxing at this beautiful spot in the Minnesota woods.
These hibiscus blooms were as big as my head! Gorgeous!

We have been eating cantaloupe and corn non-stop this summer. Grapefruit are my go-to food for breakfast in Texas but the store-bought kind on the road are not nearly as good. We have been experiencing the best, juiciest, sweetest cantaloupe for weeks now.

And the corn! We were in time for Avatan’s corn extravaganza, which was a giant potluck dinner with corn as the star attraction. They even sold dozens of ears super cheap at the dinner and we are seriously stocked up. Add in a ripe tomato, as Sue pointed out, and we are in summer heaven food-wise.

We were so glad we could easily change our plans and meet up with everybody. There is something to be said for being flexible.

Now… Off to the Central Lakes Trail!





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