The Central Lakes Trail

After we left Sandpipers North, we set out to Ashby, Minnesota where we could ride the Central Lakes Trail in both directions for a few days. Jim found a spot at the Ashby Resort right on the shore of Pelican Lake. We had to jockey around a little to be able to get a satellite signal for watching the Olympics but the third time was a charm and we settled in. And we were right across the street from the Central Lakes Trail which, along with the Lake Wobegon Trail stretches almost 200 miles across Minnesota.

We finally got situated beyond that tree so we could get the satellites. And the Olympics was worth Jim’s extra perseverance.
The kitties loved it here. Tikita actually went out on the dock!

And how is this possible? The trails just keep getting better! The first day we headed toward Fergus Falls by way of Dalton. Hey Randy! They named the Opera House after you. And the town! And the water in the city park was ice cold, perfect for wetting your head during a very hot ride.
The ideal time to ride this trail would be a few weeks from now. The small sumac, the first thing to turn red in the fall, was starting to show color and the huge banks of it will be alight with color in a few weeks. The next time we come back here, it will be in mid-September when it should be spectacular. Some landscape architect did a great job with the plantings on this section of the trail. Sumac interspersed with birch will be a colorful delight of orange, yellow, red and everything in between.

The next day we went a little past Evansville, about 20 miles. A few miles out of town I said, “This is a good place to turn around.” When we pointed the bikes back toward the bus, the skies were ominous. We had a big thunderstorm the night before and it looked like we would get another one.

We beat it back to the bus and hadn’t been inside for five minutes when the sky opened up. It didn’t let up for over an hour so we were happy we turned around when we did.

Next we will move to the city park in Melrose to ride in both directions on the Lake Wobegon Trail. Kitties say they’re ready to roll.

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