Touchdown Kansas City!

That’s what Len Dawson always says whenever Kansas Chiefs score. In a really excited voice.

Our touchdown in Kansas City was a brief but productive one. Jim wanted to see his 94 year old father, who graciously loans us his car when we are in town. Yes, he still drives. The Labor Day holiday was approaching and we didn’t want to horn in on anybody’s holiday so decided to lay low at the Elks Lodge in Grandview. We stayed here in the spring and it is a really good spot. It’s close to everything but like having your own private country estate. A good 50 amp site.

Besides seeing Dad, we wanted to go to our dentist for a good cleaning. We had them cleaned in Mexico two winters ago but since we knew we were coming to KC, we just wanted to go to our longtime dentist. Only problem, we weren’t sure exactly when we would be there. We framed in a time span and that week they had complete and total computer meltdown. Like for a week. No access to records, schedule. Like Patti said, “It’s great to be a paperless office except when it doesn’t work.” As it turned out, they got us both in and we are grateful for their patience and perseverance. And clean teeth!

We had seen several family members and friends when we visited in the spring, so this time we tried to meet up with ones we missed. We had a fun time at First Friday in the Crossroads District with Michelle and Scott and Jackie and John. We had cocktails at Manifesto, the speakeasy place in the alley behind the Rieger Hotel, then roamed the streets of full of people, art, music and food.


Enter a caption

Michelle and Jackie, cute sisters

One of the exhibits I wanted to make sure and see was the Guatemalan embroidery of Don Antonio R. Sosóf. It was worth it! If you are anywhere near Kansas City before December, this hard-to-find second story small gallery is worth the trek.

And these are paintings!

At First Friday we also ran into Marg and Jay with whom we had planned a Happy Hour the next night. She is a yoga and art buddy and the person responsible for the fabric art in our bus.

The quilt


And this piece, Spinal Tap. Another good yoga friend gave me this at our Goodbye Lunch before we left Kansas City, over two years ago! It was a warm and generous gift at a time when I sometimes felt like  was attending my own funeral. Friends really do help navigate. Thanks, Janice!

AND I got to practice yoga with both Marg and Emily, my longtime teacher and friend. Are you in Kansas City? Go to Darling Yoga. Yoga will change your life.

What else? Jim had a boys breakfast with his dad and brothers. We stocked up on Arthur Bryant’s and Jack Stack barbecue sauce. We hit Costco and Trader Joe’s. We attended a 70th wedding anniversary for friends of Jim’s family that was held at Jack Stack. Ribs, brisket, beams, corn, cake. We got our barbecue fix in. And 70 years married? An inspiration! Happy anniversary Harold and Betty! The cake was really good.
Jim bit the bullet and bought a new barbecue grill; the old one was just plain worn out. Carmella approves.

img_2250 dsc_7748
From here, we are moving down the Katy Trail to the city park in Windsor, Missouri to ride the trail and to connect with Jim’s sister. Her husband has pancreatic cancer; she has five kids and a full plate. After that, we are off to the Lake of the Ozarks to visit some fellow Winter Texans, Linda and Jack and Doc and J.

We got about three inches of rain in Windsor so it may be a little iffy. We shall see.




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