Quick Katy Trail Fix: Windsor, Missouri

We like our spot at the Elks in Grandview but Jim wanted to meet up with his sis and it just happens that there is an extension of the Katy Trail that we hadn’t ridden in Windsor, near where she lives in Clinton. Jim scoped out Farrington City Park, right on the water and we headed there.

We met up with Bill, the part-time caretaker who proceeded to describe all his ailments and diseases and surgeries. At close range. As Jerry Seinfeld would say, he was a close talker. He was a good humored and sweet fellow but I felt especially bad for him when he said he had to work his park maintenance job just so he could pay his medical bills. I would have guessed he was 77 or 78 but it turned out he is just three years older than us! We are indeed BIG BIG Lucky…

But, America has the best health care system in the world, say some who have no idea how untrue that is.

OK… Off soapbox.
They had been having a lot of rain but we got into our spot and explored the trail in both directions. Bike trails are a good way to experience small town America. Since the towns are built along the old railroad lines, it is obvious that some were obviously more populated and prosperous 150 years ago. Some are making a comeback, thanks in part to the trails, but it is a long process.

In  Windsor, Amish buggies of all types, two-horse wagons loaded with mums, the standard closed buggy and a ladies surrey clopped by, all at a good pace. The cats could hear them coming and alerted us. I don’t think any of them have ever seen a horse.

Along the trail. The light was ever-changing.

I put out my rain gauge and it had three inches in it by the time we left just a couple of nights later! No hummingbirds here.

Next stop: Rainy Day Cove at Lake of the Ozarks.


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