Lake Living is the Life For Me!

Our Winter Texan friends Doc and J and  Linda and Jack encouraged us to come to the Lake of the Ozarks. How could we refuse? The lake area can be tricky terrain and we knew we couldn’t get the bus to Doc and J’s place, but Linda and Jack have a good back-in spot that is 10 minutes from Doc and J’s by boat or by road. We made a plan and arrived during a heat wave. What a great place to be hot!



Our parking spot above the house

Linda and Jack built their very comfortable lakeside house by themselves, just the two of them! Wow! Jack is also a classic car restorer extraordinaire. He is a Chevy guy and he has some rare models, including this 1958 Impala convertible. You don’t see many of these. Linda has her 1963 Impala convertible and they have a few assorted others, including a Business Coupe and a 1959 Chevy pickup. And an El Camino.

Linda cooked us all a fabulous chicken dinner with roasted potatoes and bacon wrapped asparagus. The next morning, J brought over her kitchen and we feasted on breakfast waffles, sausage, fruit and eggs.

Linda has six or seven large hummingbird feeders on their lakeside porch and we were swarmed by them at close range. See video here. I immediately put up my feeder at the bus and had hummers within a minute! Really! She also has an amazing magenta butterfly bush that was attracting lots of attention!
The next couple of days we got picked up by Doc and J on the boat and just cruised the lake. Doc knows all the secret coves and anchor/swim spots. We had two totally idyllic days on the lake with very good friends. Engaging, easy conversation, swimming, relaxing and picnic lunches. And margaritas. We have had many very enjoyable days this summer but Jim told Doc that those days stood out as most memorable.  At one point, a bald eagle flew along the bluffs above the boat for quite a distance. What a sight that was!

We saw many Great Blue Herons. They squawk at you as they fly by. They are prehistorically majestic. I like them much better when they’re not eating my fish.

I don’t know why, but I don’t have any pictures of Doc and J’s cozy cabin. They have worked their fingers to the bone upgrading their place and it is a comfy and homey spot on Pine Cove. I guess we will have to go back! I blame the margaritas…


Doc and J and Bob and Carma. Doc is such a jokester…

Then other friends arrived! Bob and Carma are also Winter Texans and from the Kansas City area. And this is one of the ironies of this group of friends. We all lived in the Kansas City area at the same time. They knew each other but we didn’t. We met them all in south Texas. This would have been a great group of friends to have had all those years. We are  just happy to know them now.

Once they arrived, we all ate some more. Doc, Bob and Jim completed a rockfill/landscaping project for Jack. Jack was busy with physical therapy this week and  that can wear you out! Happy to help!
What a great visit! We so enjoyed relaxing with friends, our traditional happy hours, cruising the lake and just being together. And the best part? We get to see them all again soon!

After more delicious meals, including smoked pork tenderloin, green salad and potato salad, and a delicious pizza dinner out at Skipper’s, it was time to pack it up and head back to Kansas City. What?

Yeah, Jim has determined that our six very expensive hAGM glass mat batteries are at the end of their life and need to be replaced. Warming up the checkbook now…



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