Fulton Friends: Part One

Once we got done with the battery exchange in Kansas City, we made tracks for Fulton. We knew we could stay at the Walmart there and catch up with two sets of friends from the old days.

Jim is planning to write about the batteries’ demise and successful swap but a couple other issues have arisen and he’s been kinda busy…

Dana and I have been friends for 34 years. We figured it out. She came to Columbia, Missouri right after finishing Chiropractic college at Logan in St. Louis. She opened her own practice and a friend of mine was her office manager. We got to be friends and had many good times together over the years.We were fast friends and could always have a lively and forthright discussion about anything and everything. Love that kinda gal…

She has always been a very good chiropractor but now I categorize her more as a healer. She is adamant about continuing her education and is also an expert acupuncturist, Reichian technician and cranial specialist. And a bunch of other stuff; she has lots of initials after her name. And she insisted I come in to let her work on me. So, of course, I did.

At the office we caught up with Julie, her longtime partner and wife, who handles the front end of the practice with precision and flair. She is an excellent artist and their office is alight with her colorful Georgia O’Keefian work. She is also a very talented photographer.

Dana’s mastery is as amazing as ever, actually far more nuanced and complete due to her long experience, education and natural curiosity. Her confidence, knowledge and ability to pinpoint the problem make her a real gem of a practitioner. Even though I hadn’t seen her or been adjusted by her in several years, again, we just picked up where we left off.

After my adjustment, acupuncture and Reichian therapy I felt like a million bucks! We hopped in the car and went to their country place which is more lush and green than ever. I saw Dory, the 14 year old dog that I remember as a puppy. She would not cooperate for a picture. But she sure loves pets and ear rubbing. Their kitty disappeared as soon as it saw me, á la Astrid. Bye kitty!

We toured their prolific garden at twilight and it was magical. The prayer flags drape over the beds and they have a really good movable, lightweight system to keep rabbits and deer out. Basically a box with PVC pipe covered with chicken wire, open on the bottom and top. Have to file that idea away. Dana comes up with names for her plants and talks to them and they are flourishing. They loaded me up with zucchini, butternut squash, shallots and garlic! They’ve started a small orchard and it is thriving.

They got married in Santa Fe and vacation there often. The outdoor “family picnic table” in the yard was scattered with unusual rocks from their hiking and travels. The cool thing was that each one prompted a story about the time and where they collected it. Like cracking open personal history. And they say the table is going to get painted but I like the patina.

Once the sun set, we petted Dory some more and went to Bek’s for a great dinner. It had been a few years since we’d all seen each other so there were lots of details to discuss. We had a great dinner and a very pleasant evening.

Fulton has lots of interesting Victorian and period homes and The Brick District, named for its streets, is flourishing with restaurants, art galleries and coffee shops. They brought me back to the bus where Jim stayed in while we had Girls Night. It’s wonderful to have that instant reconnect with friends you haven’t seen in a while.

We all had plans for the next day, so the day we left we went back to the office and Dana worked on both of us. They wouldn’t let us pay them so we will be paying it forward. We made a tentative plan to meet at the New Mexico Balloon Festival next year. It will be great to see these girls again; it always is.

Meanwhile…back at the generator…

And coming up: Fulton Friends: Part Two.

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