Fulton Friends: Part Two

Our second day in Fulton we got together with my longtime friend Linda and her husband John. Linda and I met in 1974 in Columbia while she and her young family lived on a goat farm in the country. I was enamored of the country lifestyle and they were living the life. She was calm and measured and thoughtful and we became good friends. She and her husband had three kids, Heather, Nathan and Llahda. Llahda was the first person I knew from the time they were first born. We have been friends for almost 45 years!

Times changed and we ended up living in the same neighborhood post divorce. We helped each other through some tough times and had fun in the meantime. We became great garage sale partners. She had a little station wagon that we would fill up on a regular basis. She is a master at collecting the good stuff. Her home now testifies to that.

We continued to live just a few houses apart after she and John got married. They were married at the church in Fulton where Winston Churchill delivered his Iron Curtain speech.

The years went by. Jim and I got married and moved to Washington DC from Columbia but whenever we came back, Linda and I would catch up. When we were getting ready to sell our house in Kansas she came up and helped with the art sale and party, a perfect fit for her skills!

Once she retired, she and John moved to his family home in Fulton where her collecting prowess is on full display. She even has a couple pieces of my art displayed.

We went to lunch at the Playhouse Bistro and caught up on family and friends while we ate. Then we wandered around the Brick District and the nearby gallery, the Art House. It was like old home week! I saw work by friends and people I knew from college, including Lori McFarland, now an accomplished en plein air painter, Frank Stack, Jane Mudd, Ann Grotjan and more.

I also found several lovely and unique glass pendants that I scooped up for gifts. They’re small so we can fit them in the bus.


Linda’s now 43 year old son, Nathan, a successful contractor, met us at the Walmart while Jim was diagnosing the generator problem. They both knew it was fuel starved but not sure of how to fix. Call the experts! In St. Louis. As Linda said when the battery replacement delayed our arrival “The Mighty Bus rules…”


Linda and Nathan


Linda and her 96 year old mom, Rosemary.

More around their house… One of the coolest thing about their house; not only does it have that sprawling second story landing, there is a second rear staircase! That is something you don’t see that often. Plus so much stained glass!

John had to head off to a church event, so Linda drove us around Fulton and we got reacquainted with the town, which is really well kept and charming. We love having folks give us the insider’s look at the places we visit; makes for a much richer experience. When I was in college, I did a book of photos of Fulton’s unique architecture called Historic Fulton. Once I dig through the trailer of stuff we kept, I am sending one to Linda.

At the Churchill Memorial, they have a section of the torn-down Berlin Wall on display, a chilling Cold War reminder. …
img_2541img_2562 img_2549
Since the generator wouldn’t run,  John suggested a nearby RV Park and drove us there to check it out. After we said our goodbyes, we moved to get plugged in so our new batteries would stay charged. And it was still very hot out so AC is always nice to have too. We spent an uneventful evening at the park, walking the cats, playing ukulele and making plans to get the generator looked at in St. Louis. More friends and family to visit there. Plus Katy Trail…

Once again, we are so grateful, humbled and blessed for the good friends in our lives and the enrichment, love and gratitude they bring us. It was so good to see Linda and John again, but very sad to say goodbye when it was time to leave. We love these guys.



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