Merry Christmas From The Mighty Bus

The day before Christmas we pause to wish all our friends and family the Happiest Holiday possible. Some are filled with good will and cheer and others suffer from loss of loved ones and disability. We love you all.

The figurines above are our sole decoration in the bus. They took up about four inches of real estate on top of the charging cabinet until I realized that the cats traversing the narrow topped cabinet would result in ruin. So I took the pic and wrapped them back up. When my sister and I broke up my Aunt Muriel’s house, I kept these. I gave them to my mother in law in 1995 because she loved Christmas so much. When she died and they broke up her house in 2014 I got them back. I never realized how drunk they are. As a friend here said, Like us at a super happy hour.

We are fortunate enough to enjoy good weather and friends here in South Texas. It is warm and wonderful.

Best of the season to you.

The beauty in me salutes the beauty in you. Namaste.

2 comments on “Merry Christmas From The Mighty Bus

  1. Glad it is warm and wonderful, Happy day to both, Christmas is every day , I woke up, love to all. Mom said that was what the most important thing. here, , Amen…glad to hear from my sister. Merry Christmas to all ,,

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