Life’s a Beach

After New Year’s our good friend Michael was in the park with us for a few days after attending a wedding party in Houston. Michael and Randy have been good friends for many years since we met in Mexico. We have visited them in Philadelphia several times and they have a great parking spot for the bus, a beautifully curated garden right in the middle of the city. Heavenly.

Randy passed away in February of last year, to all of our shock, and we were looking forward to seeing Michael and catching up.
Layered beach.

We organized a trip to the beach on South Padre Island since the weather was fabulous and it turned into a big group of about thirty people! We ate and drank and played games and splashed in the surf while the fog came and went.

Foggy dunes

We even refurbished the sign designating the nude beach since the paint had faded away. It’s a ways down the beach. Before and after.
We enjoyed tamales from Delia’s when we got back to the bus and as a native Texan, Michael gave his approval. They are really good.

Another evening we made dinner for our neighbors returning to the park, Jim’s famous cioppino. In the meantime we talked and swam and truly enjoyed and appreciated Michael’s company. We had a great visit and plan to see him again sometime this summer. We always look forward to the various garden projects and hopefully we can help more now that Randy is gone.

And he brought us a lovely reminder of Randy for the bus, a deep blue shot glass that he culled from Randy’s studio. We treasure it and the memories it brings back. But first and foremost we treasure our good friends.

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