More Happy Accidents

Yesterday afternoon skies. These are some straight shots:

Then on to the layering. When I saw the contrails I thought they might make interesting images.
There really are endless options. I shot ten RAW files and fooled around with a lot of different combinations. I also discovered that if you use the same image twice in the processing it adds some extra oomph to the result.

OK, enough! Until next time…

6 comments on “More Happy Accidents

  1. Hi folks! Vance Phillips here. I see you are steadily having a great time. Congratulations.

    I’m planning on taking a team of workers into Xcalak to clean up our lots. Have you thought about yours? 43, correct? Here is a pic of it, I think. Vance Phillips

  2. Beautiful shots, Wendy, stay , Happy , thanks for the mom post. I think a good cry won’t hurt, me , Might feel better , Hard time of the year, ..

  3. Jim and Wendy,

    Guess Who?… that’s right, your XcalakAttack partner Vance Phillips. How are you guys doing? By the updates, it appears well.

    I am actually in Xcalak working on the lots of ours and it’s turning out to be a much bigger job than the 7,500 pesos per lot pice I was quoted and inturn quoted you. We have been here three days, working on our two lots and it just doesn’t seem like we’re making much progress. If you want me to give you the final numbers when we finish, I’d be happy to. We must leave later today, but obviously will have to return to finish in the near future.

    Finally, I have agreed to purchase the Kaufman’s lot from them and if you too are interested in selling you lot, I will offer you the same $20,000 I initially offered to them. They wanted $50k and we settled in between, but honestly, the bulk of my recent windfall is about gone. Just let me know.

    Sincerely, Vance ________________________________

  4. Hi Guys,

    This is Vance and we just got done cleaning up our lot at Xcalak. Before we packed up and headed north, I thought I better check with you to see if you want us to clean up your lot, as well. Let me know soon if it’s a “go”. I know the gang is ready to get out of Dodge and let their hair down, if not.

    Vance ________________________________

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