The Coloring Queen

We have lots of talented people in our park. I have featured a few here before, Catherine and Theresa.





There are many more with all different talents; music, theater, homemade beer and wine, you name it.

There is a little crafts emporium here once a month but I have never made it because it is at 8:00 AM on Saturday morning. Not gonna happen.

I first became aware of these bookmarks that Terry puts together at our monthly Wine Drinking Club Book Club. During the holidays the leader of the discussion gave us each one with the chance to buy more. They had several there and WOW! So colorful and glittery! These are intricate patterns that she colors in pencil and pen. I mean they are small! She told me some take three days! They are truly little works of art.

This is Terry. I think she looks like a queen in this picture!
The finished works are folded in half lengthwise (bookmark size), laminated and embellished with a sparkly topper. So I brought two back to the bus and Jim immediately said, “Can I have one of those?” The cats love the shiny embellishment and I often have to find my place again after a night of their mischief.

My mom and dad traveled the world for many years and my mom had a pretty well stocked gift drawer. When she needed a small gift, she just went to the gift drawer. We have done that in the bus but obviously don’t have much room, never mind a whole drawer.And we are running out of tie dye hankies.

These are perfect little tokens for folks we come across in our travels and my book reading friends. They would make great Christmas ornaments too. Got that idea from Dona. These are what the finished bookmarks look like. Both sides are the colorful pattern.

And some in progress. Some of these she is keeping, some I am buying and there are many others.

Here she is in her lair, surrounded by colored pencils and pens, her feet up, coloring away, big smile on her face. She has a needlepoint magnifying glass that hangs around her neck for the really small stuff.
So nice to discover more local talent. It’s a nice rainy afternoon and I’m off to drink some homemade Huckleberry Liqueur made by another friend here. Yum.

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Edinburg, Texas

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