Countdown and Spring Cleaning

Spring in south Texas! It’s getting hot and the wind is strong. This is when folks here in the park start dispersing in all directions. Many permanent residents still fire up the motorhome and hit the road for the summer. Some go back home to cooler climes and some just wander around for the summer before returning for another season. The park Olympics is over. I got to be a judge for the cookie and cupcake contest! As I told people everybody who would listen, if I had a bucket list, that would be checked off.

There are more Happy Hours, another Pub Night where Jim has one more band gig to play and some dinners planned. The Last Dance was last night. I am still serving as Substitute Gardener for the neighbors’ Thorn Thicket. It is a wonderland of color and form.

We also have a list of bus projects to complete before we hit the road. Even though that will be sorta mid April, we figured if we got the bus ready to roll, then we can take some time deciding where we are headed.

The project list includes a total deep clean; stuff like cleaning out the refrigerator (at least we don’t have to replace it…) and freezer, washing screens and windows inside and out, cleaning out all the cabinets and pantry and reorganizing/getting rid of clothes. We have a filing cabinet that has never really been gone through but we did that too. Organize the bays, fix the compressor, a final round of laundry, take the cat to the vet, get haircuts…you get the idea. Saturday we both worked all day long and got lots done! Though it was tiring, I asked myself what other time in my entire life had we ever cleaned the entire house, cleaned out every single drawer and closet, washed windows in and out, taken care of the outside details along with the above-mentioned stuff in just a couple of days? Um, never. I also found some things I was sure I had saved and brought in the bus but never could locate them. My Sou’wester for one.

We’re not meticulous planners but we do have a general direction and a couple of linking dates and destinations to work around. The National Antique Oldsmobile Club National convention is in Reading, Pennsylvania in late June. I design and edit the monthly magazine and it’s always a good time with friends and beautiful cars and a way to get lots of material for future issues.

From here in south Texas  we will probably head toward Austin through the Hill Country bluebonnets to see our Austin crew. Then a drive along the Natchez Trace perhaps. We have two sets of old friends, Charlie and Dianne and Jim and Annie, and new, Sue and Richey in Maryland, We want to plan a meetup on the Eastern Shore. Our friend Michael, lives in Philly and invited us stay as long as we wanted. My sister Tina lives there too. Ed lives in Swarthmore. I have cousin Denise and Alanna and friends in New England. Cindy and Bob live right near Reading in the summer. A plan is in the works!

From there we are going to go into Canada and see some of our Winter Texan Canadian friends. Real and Angela, Jocelyne and Bill, Judy and Paul, Carolyn and Gary and Suzanne and Ken have all extended invitations. We are BIG BIG lucky! Need to bone up on Canadian geography because…

August 21 is the total solar eclipse in mid Missouri where the totality of the eclipse will be almost three minutes, one of the longest duration along the path which extends from Oregon to South Carolina. One of our premiere parking spots with friends is at Marni and Eric’s. We have known them forever and we always have a fine time on one of our favorite bike trails, The Katy Trail. We are meeting up there with Sandy and Carl for bike riding, eclipse, music and catching up. While we are in the Midwest we will try to see another group of Winter Texan friends. And Jim’s family. And my yoga buddies.

Whew! After late August we will probably head for Colorado if we have time and see Captain Ted and Ramona and Ronnie. We are looking forward to seeing Win and Ray in Nebraska. And this is a year when we decided we were going to stay longer at each stop! We’ll see how that works out.

On our way back to the Rio Grande Valley we will make a couple of stops in Oklahoma, to see Dos Okies and I want to go to Pawhuska to see The Pioneer Woman’s store and restaurant. I met and photographed her at a book signing several years ago before she became super ambitious and famous. Hokey, I know, but I’m curious. She has a great enchilada recipe that freezes well. Before we took off in the bus (no oven) I made a huge batch and we filled the freezer and ate them forever.

We will fill in the blanks between the destinations with as many bike trails as possible to deal with The Sandpiper Several.

Gotta get more cleaning done! Then it’s Happy Hour.

4 comments on “Countdown and Spring Cleaning

  1. Dear Artist Wendy,We have lots to talk about and lots to share. However, let me tell you what our August is all about. But first we want you here. Ramona demands it and I hope it. We will be in California from about Aug. 12 to the 27th. We have a dear friend who turns 80 and we are committed. So if you can work around that, we would love to introduce you to Tommi the Corgi. As you may know, both cats Gracie and Sheela have passed on within 10 months of each other. We hope to adopt two more before fall. Life without Sheela is tough, but we knew she was ready. Happy trails, dear friends. If you pull in before we are back, just set up camp and enjoy some time in western Colorado.  Capt T & Lady R

  2. Yes, it’s that time of year again…we’re also making our preparations to leave home in May. We’ll be at a small rally in eastern Idaho for the Solar Eclipse.

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