Departure Delay

We had planned to head out this week but after ordering some stuff and waiting for its arrival along with the discovery that the heating element in the electric side of the AquaHot had failed, we decided to extend our stay. Projected departure is now April 20, a week from today. Providing that the correct parts arrive and get installed. Jim has to drain all the coolant out of the AquaHot, about 15 gallons!

We have a (very) general direction when we do leave but need to fill in the gaps. Jim suggested that we find an Elks Lodge and hole up for a few days to plan our route but we decided we might as well stay here. The park is emptying out and it is nice and quiet. I am catching up on work, we are swimming laps and playing volleyball. There is still Happy Hour everyday so why leave? We can figure out our route from here.

We want to drive the entire Natchez Trace and have talked with friends here who have navigated most of the Trace. It sounds interesting and slow paced, just what we like. No stop signs or gas stations for 444 miles so we will fuel up ahead of time and scout out some places to camp. There are Elks Lodges in Natchez and Vicksburg where we can stop. Vicksburg is $5 a night and Natchez just requires a donation. Where else can you camp with hookups, safety and privacy for $5? And they both have pools. We often plan our travel via Elks destinations and it has worked out really well.

While we are here we are still enjoying the Thorn Thicket garden. I have been replaced as substitute gardener by a sprinkler! The indignity! The cats like to roam around in there and the Easter lilies are starting to bloom. There is always something new blooming there. And the orchids are still going strong.

Buster and Betsy have gone home; we said goodbye to them and Elsie and John. They have arrived back in Massachusetts and are helping Elsie dig up the garden there. Buster just keeps growing! He weighs at least twice as much as Betsy even though they are from the same litter. I already miss them.

Another friend here went on a cruise and I got to give her kitties some extra love and attention. Missy and Lucy are sweethearts and Lucy lets me pick her up. Nicky was astonished the first time that happened and said when she needed to go to the vet she was going to come and get me to help! Happy to oblige! Lucy is a good talker and they both love pets. We got plenty of kitty love to go around.

Jim’s band played their final Pub Night and it was a rocking success. They have improved so much; it is a pleasure to hear them and see their progress. Most important, they are having tons of fun and it shows. Sue, the bass guitarist is missing from this pic but you can see her in the second one. She is going to sing more next year; she has a lovely voice and stage presence.

I got to go for a ride in Jerry’s rock climber, The Deplorable. So naturally, I had to wear my Nasty Woman T Shirt. It was a lot of fun.

Almost all the get-ready items on the list are checked off. I plan to wash the outside windows one more time. Jim worked on the bikes and the kitties have new tags and an Animals in Coach sign is on the bus. When Loretta printed it for me she said, “I’m surprised you didn’t put their names on it!” Ha! This gives you the idea.
Back to iPad drawing time! More clouds…
As Cher says, Life is good. We are BIG BIG Lucky!

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