More Tanglefoot Trail

We continued on up the Natchez Trace after leaving Vicksburg toward Ridgeland just north of Jackson, Mississippi.
After a walk through a cypress swamp and along the Old Trace, we planned a night in Ridgeland at the Walmart along with some stocking up. The next morning it was pouring down rain in sheets so we decided to wait out the weather and stay another night. No sense driving in heavy rain with thunder and lightening. It turned out to be a good decision since the next day we learned that storms in the Jackson area had caused some severe damage.

Our next stop was Houston, Mississippi to ride a section of the Tanglefoot Trail that we hadn’t covered. We knew there was a Walmart there too but found a city park on the map and decided to see if we could camp there. I called the Parks and Rec Director, John and left a message. He called me right back and said we could camp and they had hookups and a dump. He said to give him a call when we got to town and he would come out with the Mayor to meet us and show us where to park.

When we arrived we gave him a call and he and the Mayor, Stacy, both came out to see us and welcome us to town. When we asked about the cost he said there wasn’t any but we made a donation to the city. Stacy showed us where the dump was but it hadn’t been used for a while and wasn’t working so we just dumped in a nearby manhole. When I called John back to warn him about the non-functioning dump, Stacy came right back out and directed us to the manhole. And you know what? The very next day they had somebody out there working on the dump. What a town!
Our spot in the city park and Stacy, the Mayor of Houston with Jim and John, the Parks Director.

We rode the trail the next day and decided to stay over another night. The cats loved it in the park and Carmella had to explore the playground. No leashes required. We barbecued, read and relaxed with the kitties for the rest of the day. Jim played his uke and we ate at a local place Stacy had recommended. While at the Houston city park I started reading The Help which takes place in the exact part of Mississippi we were traveling through. The Joe Brigance Memorial Park is a great stop. I don’t know who Joe Brigance was but we really like his park and his city.
DSC_9455 DSC_9453
Along the Tanglefoot Trail near New Houlka.

Next stop: Lake Lurleen State Park in Alabama to meet up there with Steve and Cher, friends from Texas.

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