West Point Lake R&R

Before we left the Elks in Childersburg, Jim snagged the very last available site at the R. Schaeffer Heard campground at the Corp of Engineers West Point Lake in LaGrange, Georgia. The sites are spacious, private and wooded, right on the lake. We planned four nights here and have ridden our bikes, walked the cats, eaten some great dinners and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.

Arrachera from Junior’s in south Texas and what we call potato sticks. Tasty!

I also decided to take Cher’s example and got in a walk of 11,742 steps yesterday. Any day I’m not biking I am going to try to get in 10,000 steps. My legs weren’t sore but my feet bottoms got tender. Some ice cleared that up and we rode miles around the park again the next day.

The nice thing about riding in this park is that there are some actual hills to conquer, not like the rails-to-trails where it is all railroad grade. We rode over the dam the first day and were treated to an eagle’s next with a young eagle in it.
We also saw this heron catch and devour a good sized catfish.
He’s got the fish in his beak
Drags it to shore
Stabs it through the neck
And after turning his back to swallow, struts off. Note the lump in his neck.

DSC_9481 westpoint-pano
The lake and park are beautiful and the weather has been perfect. I even had a chance to do some mixed media iPad art.
IMG_7471Painted in Waterlogue

There was absolutely no wind or even a breeze the whole time we have been here. The cats are as freaked out by that as they were the constant dry wind in south Texas. It’s really nice and quiet.

Abstract sunset in the campground.
Still life with bus.
Fish eye view in the evening.

From here we are heading to the Elks Lodge in Augusta, Georgia on our way to Charleston, South Carolina. It will be a hilly trip but we are looking forward to soaking up Charleston before we head north.


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